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In terms of usage, we have to admit that firewalls are amongst the most neglected tools. And in a way, this can’t be held totally wrong. Because, Windows OS comes inclusive of a firewall, which is pretty decent. But its approach is one way i.e. it monitors and controls only the inbound traffic. This could lead to disastrous consequences. Think of a situation where you are sending your bank account information to someone. Since, there is no outbound monitoring mechanism on your system, you are more susceptible to fraud. A firewall should act as a protective barrier between you and the rest of the computers you connect to. When you go on to the Internet you are visible to the outside world through a software port. A port simply enables a service for you, and should be in “stealthed” mode (invisible to others) when you are not using it. But, if it is open, then you are inviting threats to attack your computer. So, a firewall must regulate both incoming and outgoing traffic.

A firewall’s value broadly depends on some critical functionalities. Foremost amongst them is the success ratio to convert the “Open” & “Closed” ports in “Stealthed” mode. Thereafter you can look for virus/malware/spyware protection. Also it should be capable of providing real time protection and regular automatic updates.

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