How and why to buy a compact camera

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Top 5 things to consider when buying a compact camera:


(1) Utility - Purpose for which the camera is being bought, like for travel, home use, for adventure sports, for overall better image quality etc.

(2) Budget- Budget decides the camera model. The higher the price, the better the features of the camera.

(3) Functionality and features - Zoom (Optical/Digital), camera resolution, creative art-filters, battery type, image stabilization, video quality etc.


(4) Convenience - The user-friendliness of the camera usage. How easily can the user make the best use of all the features.

(5) Mobility, design and colors - Buyers today look at the compatibility along with the stylish design which can reflect their personality.

Reasons why an SMB should go for a compact camera:


· Instead of sending a physical product sample to showcase product, an image can be sent to buyer (For e-retail businesses like ebay, flipkart etc. where people buy after just looking at the product images)

· In organizations for product development stages, for example sending product images on various stages

· For service industries like hotels and resorts. consumers make purchases based on the images to see on the websites, brochures etc.


· Quality Image shot from cameras are the core strength of business while designing promotion of product and advertising to show the value of products.

· Professional Image quality create a very specific influence on buying behavior of the customer, like for example - pictures in advertisements. (For example - bank advertisements show pictures of easy money transfer to old parents)

Top 5 reasons why a user should buy a camera:


(1) To capture memories in static visual form, which can remind them about the passage of life.

(2) To capture memories in day-to-day life in the simplest possible manner.

(3) Cameras also fall under the category of fancy gadgets/style statement/status symbol etc. which are in demand today.

(4) Users cannot get desired image quality with other available options such as mobile phones.

(5) The need for documenting quality images for various purposes like sharing on social networking websites. Official need like submitting proofs of claims. Legal needs like marriage certificates, property registration etc.