How to Migrate to another OS

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Is your current

network operating system (OS) able to cope with the growing needs of your

network? If not, maybe it’s time you changed it to something else. With so

many OSs around, it’s a difficult decision to take. Plus, as your network

is built around your current OS, making it work with a new OS may be a tough

call to make. Will you have to migrate everything from your current OS to

the new one, or will just a simple upgrade do? What’s the difference

between the two? How do you do the actual migration? Will your existing

applications work with the new OS? To find out the answers to these

questions, we worked with various network OSs, both new and old, and

explored the migration possibilities in each. Plus, we checked out some

third-party tools that can help you perform a smooth migration. So if you’re

caught in a migration dilemma, then read on. May you have a peaceful