How and why to buy an all-in-one PC

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Top 5 things to consider when buying an all-in-one PC:


The top 5 things, a user needs to consider while buying an AIO are:

1. Screen Size: AIO's come in a variety of screen sizes and resolution configurations. Depending on the usage, one has to choose the right screen size and resolution For example: An architect would probably need a Full HD 21.5 Inch to have an enriched work experience

2. Expandability: While it is possible to expand both RAM and HDD at anytime, users must know that you cannot add graphics cards, unlike in traditional desktops due to the compact design of AIOs. It is advisable to buy an AIO with all the required graphics capabilities upfront.


3. Durability: An AIO's weight usually rests on the stand behind; hence it's very important that it has strong metallic stands to ensure the durability of the product in the long run.

4. Communication: Today's SMBs face restrictions on frequent travel due to tighter budgets; hence it's imperative that an AIO is equipped with the best of VOIP capabilities. The business user should choose an AIO that comes with a high - quality webcam and dual array microphones for excellent VOIP experience.

5. Ports: While buying an AIO, one must consider the number of ports available as it increases the ability to extend or duplicate the display (via HDMI or Display Port). By connecting USB devices, a user can maximize the PC's usage.


Top 5 reasons why a small-and-medium-sized business should buy an AIO PC at all:

The adoption of AIOs by SMBs has been increasing drastically and there has been a major shift towards this new form factor. Some of the key reasons why an SMB should buy an AIO are as follows:

1. Space constraint: With real estate prices spiraling, most SMBs are posed with shortage of space. In such a scenario AIOs are definitely the best fit as they occupy 70% lesser space than a traditional PC. They are compact machines minus a tower, which means more leg room for the user.


2. Power & UPS Saving: AIOs combine the best of technology and consume up to 50% less power. Additionally, UPS sizing is reduced and allows lower spends on UPS and batteries for a specific backup time versus a traditional desktop. These features enhance the performance of SMBs.

3. Cable Savings - With built-in Wi-Fi, AIOs simplify network connectivity in offices with no additional LAN switches or hubs. With a wireless keyboard and mouse, one only needs a power cable to start work.

4. Aesthetics- Transform the traditional office into an executive lounge. The ultramodern design of AIOs enables space saving making the office look clutter-free

5. Technology - AIOs are equipped with 3rd Gen Intel Processors, Wi-fi, webcam and speakers as built-in features. No additional accessories are required to enhance the user's PC experience.