How and why to buy a security camera

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Top 5 things to consider when buying a security camera:


There are various aspects that one needs to focus on when buying a security camera. The important ones that need to be considered are -

(1) HDTV - Hi-definition video is an important pre-requisite that needs to be considered. HDTV image qualities will provide better clarity, more details and color reproduction. High definition video footage is very important to identify individuals and other minute details such as the number plate in a vehicle, etc.

(2) Varying light and weather conditions - Security cameras are installed in a building in various areas including the periphery, corridors, indoors with consistent bright light, parking lots, etc throughout day and night. To ensure efficient and clear capturing of video footage at all times, the cameras need to be able to adjust to various light and weather conditions


(3) Various viewing angles - The security cameras should be able to capture video at various angles to ensure every corner of the building/area is covered

(4) Storage capacity - Security cameras come with in-built storage cards that not only help store the video captured, but also ensure that this recording is available at a later date for analysis and insight

(5) Intelligent alarm system - usually, when vandals realize there are security cameras that are watching them, they try to tamper with the camera in numerous ways. Intelligent alarm systems alert the concerned authorities at once when the cameras are tampered with. This ensures that the vandals can be caught before any further damage is done.

Reasons why an SMB should go for a security camera:

SMBs need to be aware that physical security is an important aspect. A security camera can help them monitor the activities in and around the office premises round the clock. This would be a onetime investment that will last for a longer period, rather than employing security personnel with limited benefits. A well-designed surveillance system is capable of generating alerts that can help prevent a crime. Furthermore, security cameras can also help prevent petty thefts and staff irregularities that happen frequently. Given that an SMB is run by an individual or a small team of individuals, surveillance solutions help them keep an eye on the office without being physically present. Additionally, security cameras can be used as a video collaboration tool, to collaborate with their colleagues/clients based out of another location, thus helping the SMB reduce travel costs.