How Social Media Has Progressed in Recent Times

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Recently, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) characterised social media as user spawned content, which is like amalgamation of technology and societal interface with diverse users. Social media brands like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Photo Bucket and score of other sites help numerous users with methods of lending and sharing information across nations. As of now, it is predicted that Facebook is having 173 million US users and 835.5 million worldwide, while there are 140 million dynamic Twitter users over 500 total users across the world. It is also projected that 90 per cent of internet users also use Facebook for ease of accessibility. People from all over the world upload upto 50 million content pages on Facebook every day. Nearly 40 per cent of the internet users also have access to internet from their smart phones that helps people to get 24/7 access to information.

In the past few years social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and Pinterest have also joined the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and are generating good traffic on their websites. Let’s check out some of the hot social media products in the coming year.

Secret – This promising app helps to share various secrets with friends and other cohorts. Interestingly they will not know that it is you who is posting and they can answer anonymously.

Kleek – This app connects to Facebook and aids users to limit the status and various other data for the people they care the most. Users can utilise this app to make sure only your close friends see your status.

 Wanelo – Social shopping app Wanelo, which is derived from the phrase Want, and Need Love, features millions of products from the likes of big brands all the way through to independent sellers.

 Yik Yak – Yik Yak is a bit like Secret, allowing you to share your thoughts with people nearby. Posts can get up voted if they’re interesting, so you’ll see the posts that others have considered to be good at the top of your feed.

Shots – Shots is a rival of Snapchat. It helps people take photographs by means of the front camera. Then you can share it with other Shots users. The only concern is that you cannot comment on the photos because the developers are worried about cyberbullying. You can click bundle of selfies and share it with other users. There is also a chat feature in this app. for Networking – It is an innovative tool that helps users to witness the societal sites of email connections. Basically, it is a free chrome extension that helps you cross-reference other social sites as you browse.

Untitled-20 for Calls to Action – A state of the art tool that is when clicked provides a customised call-to-action snippet at the bottom. A URL link shortener, it aids customers to promote their enhanced content whilst sharing great content from outsiders. In order to craft a link, you have ready your call-to-action message and must have the URL connected with it.


An imperative Chrome browser add-on, has an innovative AutoSnip tool. If users want to craft or share numerous links jointly with then is the need of the hour. In this tool there is big dashboard where you can witness the clicks and the alterations. This simple implies that all the links robotically connect the Sniply messages.

Hyper – One of the most top-notch social media tools that aids photo sharing with the help of using hasthtags and geotags. Users who are like-minded are assisted by this tool to discover pioneering things. Interestingly, in this app there is a major voting system that allows people to cast their own opinions on their latest hairstyle or even their new tattoo.

Tailwind for Pinning Instagrams to Boards – A daily internet usage over 75 per cent happens on smartphones and tablets, which is according to the latest survey of Pinterest. Before you connect pinterest users on Instagram it is good to post Instagram iage on the tool.


Tailwind permits users to classify their Instagram photos footed on likes, comments or most current photos. In this method users can pin their most popular Instagram photos and offer them new-fangled life on Pinterest.

Tailwind helps users to have the following benfits:

  • Helps to have pins within the stipulate time.
  • Helps to give an innovative feature like scheduling repins by which users can chare countless pins from various accounts.
  • By using the Tailwind hover button this app helps pin any visual content from any website.
  • Helps to decode analytics for a swift snapshot of the vital equipments like your most repinned pins, top repinners, new followers and more.

Overvideo for Video Calls to Action – If users want to craft visual calls to action when they post video to Twitter, facebook and other giant social media sites then Overvideo is the most important iPhone app than can help create the visual calls. For that people must choose a good quality video from their smartphones or cameras and load it into Overvideo.

Studio for Instagram Image Design – It is an image-based social networking that comes very handy with Instagram. Basically, it is a design app for studio and the differentiating aspect is that helps to add text-based design to the images. It can also add images that someone else created and you love that most. Over here you can remix both the pictures together.


Zoho SalesIQ for Customer Chats – It is tracking dais for website visitor that helps to intermingle and associate with your website in appropriate time. Some of the important characteristics are a language translator (both inbound and outbound), the ability to sync with Zoho CRM (if you use it) and intelligent triggers to classify your visitors according to how long they’ve been on your website, what pages they’ve landed on, if they are return visitors, and many other triggers, classifications and responses.


With this tool you can observe your website visitors and their location, especially the type of pages they are viewing and what distance they traveled within your website. It also has a significant user interface and easy chat feature that makes engagement extremely trouble-free.

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