How to fix the text string bug that is crashing Apple iPhones

How to fix the text string bug that is crashing Apple iPhones

Rohit Arora
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Apple users are facing a critical issue from last three days as a string of text is crashing their iPhones. This particular bug is causing the messages application crash automatically after which their iPhone restarts in a loop.  We dig in to find out what is it actually and how can you fix your iPhone from being in an unresponsive state.


-This bug was first revealed by a Reddit user on Tuesday, in which he mentioned that the text message is a specific string of Arabic and English characters which when received from an iPhone user can crash the message application.

-Now if your iPhone is locked, and you receive this message, your iMessage application will crash and your iPhone will reboot.

Apple fan site MacRumors said that the malicious code will crash any iPhone running the latest iOS 8.3 operating system.

-The particular message will be send by an iPhone to an iPhone user, so you are not going to receive it randomly unless until an iphone user wants to crash your phone.


-According to AppleInsider, it's not the Arabic characters that are crashing the iPhones; it’s the method how iOS tries to handle the full text string. The site also quoted that the Unicode characters that attempt to render and display the string chew up too many resources when your phone is locked and the notification of the message appears.

-To further test the issue, AppleInsider sent the same text string during a normal iMessage conversation, and found out that the iPhone did not crash or reboot. It suggests that the bug lies in the iOS's notifications process and not within the iMessage app.

So, it becomes clear that your iPhone will crash when it will be locked and will receive that specific series of unicode characters.


How to fix it?

-Ask the person who sent you the malicious text message send another message. This new message will surpass the older message string thus cancelling out the initial strand of the malicious code.

-Or, if that can’t be done, you can ask Siri to send yourself a message which will do the same.

So these small steps can solve your problem till the time Apple releases an official fix.

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