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How to Install and Manage Snap Packages on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Sanp packages are the totally new way to install apps in Ubuntu 16.0.4 LTS. Snaps require a different method of terminal commands, the apt-get and dpkg command will only work to install the old apps, not the Snaps.

 How to Install a Snap Package

Step 1: First open the terminal to and run the following command to see all the packages available in the store for Snap. To search by specific package name, just add your search term in the end.


snap find

snap find name


Step 2: To install a Snap package, use the following command.

sudo snap install package-name


Step 3: Here we are installing calculator app. Once you run the above command, the snap command will download and install the snap package you specified, displaying the progress in the terminal window.


Step 4: Once the application installation, you can launch it as any other normal application from the desktop menu.


Step 5: To update an installed Snap package, run the following command.


sudo snap refresh package-name


Step 6: To show your Installed Snaps list, run the following command.


snap list


Step 7: To Remove any Snap Package from your computer, run the following command.


sudo snap remove package-name





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