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While most smartphones nowadays offer the capability to tether their 3G data connection to other devices, laptops need extensive setup through the Windows control panel to share their data connection. But fret not! Connectify Hotspot is here to save the day. Connectify is a free software that runs in the taskbar, and can be set up in just a few minutes, and can configure and launch a Wi-Fi hotspot really fast! Here is a short tutorial on how to set it up:

1) Download Connectify Lite Version

Download the free version of Connectify for initial setup from There is a pro version as well, which starts from a 1-year subscription at Rs 1,717. The pro version has some useful features, such as the sharing of 3G/4G from a mobile broadband card, and wirelessly “flinging” files from one system to another.

2) Install Connectify Lite Version

You can install the software within a couple of seconds with the typical “next-next-next” setup process.

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3) Set Up Connectify

Connectify will run in the Windows toolbar once it is running. There are some ads at the bottom, but we did not find them intrusive as such. You will be able to change the hotspot name partially, but the name will always have to retain “connectify” as a prefix, unless you upgrade to the pro version. Then, you will have to pick what kind of connection to share, which depends on whether your laptop is connected through an Ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi network.Using the option of sharing mode, you can configure what type of encryption you would like applied on the hotspot. After that, simply click “Start Hotspot” to turn your laptop/notebook into a personal router. You should be able to detect the wireless network you started on any other device with Wi-Fi access. The taskbar app should then switch over to the “Clients” view, where you can manage and view devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi hotspot.


Even without the pro version, Connectify is more than enough to provide capability to share your data connection easily. This solution is perfect for the travelling professional, who needs a constant network connection. Usually, hotels charge for a Wi-Fi connection and this is restricted to just a single device. With Connectify, you can purchase a single connection for your laptop and share this connection with your smartphone and tablet, without having to shell out ridiculous amounts for multiple connections. Connectify supports Windows XP,Vista, 7 and 8 versions.

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