How to Use Twitter Search to Get the Most Relevant Search Results- Get What You Need from Your Search Results

Twitter as a company got its name in a very fascinating way. Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter was always fascinated by the way cities communicated with each other in real- time

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How to Use Twitter Search To Get the Most Relevant Results

Twitter as a company got its name in a very fascinating way. Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter was always fascinated by the way cities communicated with each other in real- time. The original name given to the company was “Status”, but then the name was changed to Twitter, which was inspired by the definition of the word ‘Twitter’ which meant “a short burst of inconsequential information” and “chirps from birds”.


A Brief History of Twitter

Twitter owes its origin to the podcasting venture Odeo which was looking for a new direction in business after Apple made an announcement to add podcasts to its digital media application. Odeo knew that they did not have the capability to compete with a tech giant like Apple and this is when Jack Dorsey an engineer in the firm proposed a SMS (Short Message service) in which people could share small bloglike updates with their friends. This led to the emergence of the social network platform ‘Twitter’.

The Power of Twitter


Twitter has become more than a microblogging platform in the contemporary world. People use Twitter for sharing free ideas and the popularity of Twitter can be judged on the basis of its huge customer base. Twitter is used by people with varied interests, hobbies, age groups, genders and nationalities and what makes the platform unique is that there is a place for every single customer on the platform. Despite the ups and downs the company has gone through in the recent times, Twitter has been a huge source of information for people and this makes ‘Twitter search’ an important aspect of the Twitter Platform.

How to Use Twitter Advanced Search?

You might need to find specific information on twitter for business purpose or individual purpose, but the huge pool of information stored by the platform makes it extremely difficult for you to find information on Twitter. So, if you are a businessman who is looking for some specific tweets then you have to use ‘Twitter Advanced Search Tool’ in order to get that particular information. Social Media is being used excessively by businesses all across the world  to get access to new customers and to engage the existing customers with updated information. Advanced search allows you to find the most relevant Tweets for your use and reduces your dependency on Twitter’s algorithm for finding the right Tweets for you. Here are the steps needed for using Twitter Search:

  • You can use Twitter Advanced search to find search results according to specific date, ranges, people and more. Advanced Search can only be performed on Twitter when you are logged in to your Twitter account.
  • If you wish to enter the Advanced search option from the home page then you should enter your search into the search bar option on
  • Click on the Advanced Search options which is located under the search filters in the upper right corner of your search results page.
  • Then you have to move on to fill in the appropriate field in order to get more refined search results.
  • Then click on the ‘Search’ button to find the relevant results displayed on your screen.
  • If you wish to use the Advanced search option in your mobile phone then you have to use the phone’s web browser to access the link: “”

How to fill in the Appropriate Fields in the Advanced Search Option?

Search filters in the advanced search option can be used for getting the most relevant results. You can make use of these search filters to avoid getting the results that you don’t need in order to get the most relevant results.



  • All of These Words: You can enter two or more words in this field or you can search for one or more phrases and separate them by quotations in order to get the required results. For e.g., “Tech News” and “Technology and Businesses”.
  • This Exact Phrase: Exact phrase should be used to find the results relevant to the typed exact phrase, like “Technology News”.
  • Any of These Words: This provides you with a much broader search option. You can use the search Technology News and you will search results relevant for the two words.
  • None of These Words: This option is used to exclude the results that you don’t need in your search results, like you can type “technology but not news”
  • These Hashtags: Tweets with a certain hashtag. # Congrats India
  • Language: Tweets in a certain language


  • From these Accounts: Shows Tweets only from a certain account like @GamingIndia
  • To these Accounts: This will include Tweets which are sent as replies to a specific account. (In reply to @GamingIndia)
  • Mentioning these Accounts: This option will get tweets from a specific mentioned account. (mentions @GamingIndia)




  • You can find the Tweets within a certain date range by selecting the right date range in the calendar dropdown. This will help you in finding Tweets from the time when certain topics were trending or from the period when a company launched a certain marketing campaign.

Further you can use more filters like engagement, tweets with links etc. to get the most relevant Twitter Search result. Twitter is a powerful social media platform and can be used to extract important information for business and marketing purposes, and using the Twitter Search Tool you can get an easy access to the most relevant information on Twitter.