Sound, the Way you Want it

January 1, 2001

How to convert one audio format to another

Make your Movies, your Way

January 1, 2001

How to convert your videos to the format you need

Pretty Good Privacy

November 29, 2000

A technique used to encrypt your outgoing e-mail for security

How to Migrate to another OS

November 11, 2000

The complete guide to moving from one network operating system to another

Choosing the Right Notebook

November 10, 2000

Here are some tips on what to look for when buying a notebook. Eventually, however, your specific needs and budget will decide which notebook you should buy

Firewall Protection with ISA Server 2000

October 31, 2000

A proxy server and a firewall for protecting your network from intrusion

Cascading Proxy Servers

October 9, 2000

You can reduce congestions and make Net access faster in large networks by cascading multiple proxy servers

Yahoo! Messenger for Linux

October 4, 2000

Use this application to send instant messages in Linux, the same way you do in Windows

Security Alert!

October 3, 2000

A trojan targets handhelds, Outlook and Outlook Express vulnerabilities, security hole in Netscape Navigator

Configuring Proxy Clients

September 10, 2000

Set up browsers, download managers, instant messengers, and streaming audio-video players to use your proxy server

Share an Internet Connection using Win 98S E

September 10, 2000

How to share Net access among multiple machines on a small network without installing a proxy server

Palm it on Me, Please!

September 9, 2000

How to use e-mail andaccess the Web from your Palm

Ulead GIF Animator 4

September 6, 2000

An easy-to-use graphics package for creating snazzy GIF animations 

Unlead Cool 3D

September 6, 2000

Create 3D titles with special effects for Web pages, CDs, presentations…

Ulead PhotoExpress 3 Gold

September 6, 2000

A photo-editing software to modify pictures, and create photo albums, slide-shows, greeting cards…

Ulead PhotoImpact 5

September 6, 2000

An easy-to-use package that lets you add snazzy effects to pictures, create GIF animations, and make photo albums

Microsoft Windows ME RTM

September 5, 2000

The latest version of Win 9x has better system recovery options, support for latest devices, and additional utilities

Security Alert

September 5, 2000

Patches that secure your system against mischief-mongers on the Net

It’s All on your Palm

September 4, 2000

In this first article of a mini-series on the Palm, we take a look at the features of this PDA

Security Alert

July 31, 2000

Patches for Windows and IE vulnerabilities, more worms in your mail