How and why to buy an ultra-book

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Top 5 things to consider when buying an ultrabook:


(1) Durability

Given that an Ultrabook is designed for mobility, you want your Ultrabook to be able to withstand the knocks and scrapes that it goes through. Weight should be less than 1.5kg & thickness not more than 20mm.

(2) Hard Drive


You want an Ultrabook that uses Solid States Drives (SSD) for faster performance, whether you are copying files or opening applications and that almost-instant boot and resume times which is especially crucial so that you do not have to keep the client waiting. There should be no compromise on ports like USB 3.0, HDMI, LAN, VGA, microphone jack & handphone jack.

(3) Battery Life

You will be using your Ultrabook while on the go and you will want one with long battery life so that you will never have to search frantically for a power outlet. The majority of Ultrabooks available in the market have sealed batteries that cannot be replaced or boosted with an extended battery. Anything that has a battery that can last more than 6 hours is good enough but you will want a longer battery life if you are constantly on the move.


(4) Screen Size , Resolution, Operating system and Quality

Most of the Ultrabooks come with 1366 x 768 display resolution. You will want a screen which enables easy viewing with an anti-glare film and high brightness so that accessing information is easy when you are outdoors in a bright environment. It should have 360 degree rotation- i.e. can be used as laptop or tablet as & when required. Operating system should be Windows 8 Pro with Touch-screen capability & atleast processor should be 3rd Gen. Intel i5.

(5) Connectivity


A thinner design means that some ports have to be sacrificed however there should be no compromise on ports like USB 3.0, HDMI, LAN, VGA, microphone jack & handphone jack.Some of the basic requirements for a business user will be an Ethernet port (for wired internet connections, especially in hotel rooms) and VGA (for connecting to projectors).

Top 5 reasons why a small-and-medium-sized business should buy an Ultrabook:

(1) Extreme Portability and Mobility


You will want to be able to work whenever and whenever you are and not be bound to your desktop or have to drag a heavy laptop around. With its lightweight body and SSD storage which reduces power and increased ruggedness, the Ultrabook is the perfect device to maximise the productivity of your mobile workforce.

(2) Ever-ready Response

Ultrabooks with Intel Rapid-Start Technology and SSDs boot-up and resumes from wake much more rapidly. This means that Ultrabooks are ever-ready on the go when business users need to access information or present to a client.


(3) Business-class security and IT administration

Business-focused Ultrabooks are built with Intel vPro technology and can be equipped with Intel Anti-Theft or Computrace solutions. This enables lost or stolen Ultrabooks to be disabled remotely from anywhere in the world. For SMB customers without an IT administrator, Ultrabook with Intel Core processors also support Intel Small Business Advantage, which can automate tasks such as data backups, routine PC maintenance, monitoring of critical security functions and issuing security alerts.

(4) Full PC Performance


Most SMBs run applications that only run on the Windows OS, therefore they require computing devices with Windows and cannot use tablets that run on Android OS or iOS.

(5) Intuitiveness

Ultrabooks equipped with touchscreen displays will enable business users to take advantage of the benefits of swiping and tapping a gesture-based interface, while still having a traditional desktop OS and keyboard/trackpad to fall back on.