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DVD movie writer from HP is meant for those who want to preserve their valuable moments digitally. It’s a video capture card and a DVD writer packed in one box. The DVD writer supports only +R media and burns DVD Rs at 4X and RWs at 2.4X. It connects to the PC over a USB 2.0 interface. For capturing, it has both composite and S-video ports for analog video and two sockets for stereo sound input. This could be of great use for those who want to convert their old videos into digital format. If there was a FireWire port added to it, then it would have made it a great device to capture DV directly from camcorders as well. 

The device has two buttons on its body – Eject and Record. The latter simply fires up the associated software on the PC, which lets you capture, edit and finally burn your videos to a DVD/CD. The software is a full-featured DVD authoring and burning software called ARC ShowWize. It’s wizard driven and easy to use. Apart from that, it includes another software called Simple Backup from Veritas, which lets you take full backups of your system to a DVD drive. It took about 15 mins to write 4.3 GB of data and 46 mins and17 secs to re-write in burst mode. It can also write CDs at 16X and took 5 mins to copy 650 MB data from the hard drive, and burst copying 550 MB data to a 10X CDRW took about 13.5


18,500 (1 yr replacement warranty)

Key Specs:
DVD-Writer with video capture card having analog video inputs,
very easy to use, full-featured video capture and authoring software 

HP India, Gurgaon.
Tel: 256112.
E-mail: seema.      

On the whole, it’s a great solution if you want to convert and transfer analog videos to DVDs. If you already own a DVD-writer, then it may not be worth it as then you could just buy a video capture card for the purpose.

Anindya Roy

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