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This is another release in the range of Multi-function
devices (MFDs) from HP. Like the OfficeJet 725, this one was put through the
same series of intensive tests.

As a printer, the G55 gave good quality printouts for both
text and graphics. Both were smooth without any jaggedness or pixelation. For
checking out print speeds, we used both our own and HP’s standard test files.
Print rates with our files were around 8 ppm, but with HP’s standard files we
could get 12 ppm, which is the speed claimed for Fast black printing. Print
speeds depend on the amount of ink coverage on paper, so more ink coverage–which
was the case with our documents–would result in a slower speed.

HP OfficeJet G55

Multi-function device. Rs 42,999. 
Features: Printer, scanner, and copier.
Pros: Good quality output for all functions; compact; speedy scanning.
Cons: Slow copying; print settings in LCD panel takes precedence over software controls.
Source: Hewlett-Packard India Chandiwala Estate
Maa Anandmai Marg
New Delhi 110019. 
Tel: 11-6826000-14 
Fax: 6826059, 

The maximum resolutions available are 2,400 x 1,200 dpi on
photo paper and 600 x 600 dpi on plain paper. These are good resolutions, and
are comparable to some of the high-end printers.

We observed a strange problem with the G55’s print
function. When setting the print modes–Fast, Normal or Best–the MFD’s LCD
control gained precedence over the software controls. So, even if you’re
printing your document in Fast mode in the software settings, the printer might
print in Normal mode if the front console is set to that.

The G55 also has push-button scanning, apart from the
software-controlled one. Unlike conventional scanners, it doesn’t do a preview
scan, but does the complete scan at one go. Its scan quality and speed were both
pretty good. We scanned a host of text, monochrome, graphics, and
color-intensive pages. It gave an average of 19 seconds per scan for text and
light graphics and 21 seconds for heavy graphics. The scan resolutions are 600 x
3,600 dpi with 24-bit color depth. It also gives the "Scan to" option,
which can directly send the scanned data to particular applications, like your
e-mail client or graphics applications. The G55 also has Readiris OCR software
for converting text images into editable documents. The "Scan to
E-mail" option has been kept in a prominent position on the software
interface, so that you can send scanned documents to your e-mail application.

The copying function in the OfficeJet is a bit slow. Average
rates we could achieve for text and graphics copies were around 7 cpm in the
Normal mode as against its rated 12 cpm. Achievable resolutions were 600 x 2,400
dpi with 36-bit color depth. Copies can be enlarged up to 400 percent or reduced
up to 25 percent. Brightness and color intensities can also be controlled. It
has special copy options like clone, mirror, two pages on one, fit-to-page etc.
You can set the type of paper like photo paper, plain paper or transparencies.

All in all, though not meant to be a workhorse, the G55 is a
great device to have for a small office. It comes with a warranty of one year
and one can easily do away with the hassles of putting up separate devices for
different requirements.

Ashish Sharma at PCQ Labs

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