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Auto manufacturers regularly do it: They produce concept vehicles that showcase future technologies and designs. These vehicles never get mass manufactured as-is. But many of the technologies showcased do get into mainstream use.

HP has been emulating the auto industry for a couple of years now, producing concept PCs, albeit with a subtle difference. These concepts use currently available, mostly mass market technology, and seem to focus more on the design side.

This is the personal unit. In addition to the flat-screen monitor, you also have a webcam (standard Logitec) and a largish speaker. On the lower right is a blue-tooth interface. The personal unit can be hung up or placed on a table. The keyboard and mouse are both wireless

The concept has no floppy drives, and sports just a slot loadable CDRW, built into the side of the personal unit

The processing unit. This is designed as stackable modules of small form factor. While there are technology limitations at present, some day, those could be very far away from the personal units

Ports and wires. Parallel and COM ports are passé. USB and Firewire are the norm here. And there seems to be no end to the tangle of wires at the back!

The current concept, the second in the series, was in India recently as part of a regional tour, and here we take a closer look at it.

Krishna Kumar in Delhi

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