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The Economy of Bangalore is an important part of the economy of India as a whole and contributes over 87% to the Economy of the State of Karnataka, accounting for 98% of the Software Exports of the State.

The establishment and success of high technology firms in Bangalore have led to the growth of Information Technology (IT) in India. IT firms in Bangalore employ about 35% of India’s pool of 2.5 million IT professionals and account for the highest IT-related exports in the country.

India is now one of the biggest IT capitals of the modern world and all the major players in the world IT sector are present in the country. It is estimated that the Indian IT industry would grow to about $300 billion by 2020, with software services and e-commerce leading the race. The government of India has taken several initiatives to promote the industry and several of the states have extended several benefits to the industry members.

On the Other hand, Chennai is nicknamed the “Detroit of India” (or the “Detroit of Asia”) due to the presence of major automobile manufacturing units and allied industries around the city. The 4-wheeler vehicle in Chennai is the base of 30% of India’s automobile industry and 35% of its automobile component industry. Besides the commercial industry, the Heavy Vehicles Factory (HVF) has been established in Avadi to produce military related vehicles. Avadi also boasts of the Combat Vehicle Research & Development Establishment (CVRDE), a new engine testing facility.

The Indian auto industry is one of the largest in the world. The industry accounts for 7.1 per cent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The Two Wheelers segment with 80 per cent market share is the leader of the Indian Automobile market owing to a growing middle class and a young population. Moreover, the growing interest of the companies in exploring the rural markets further aided the growth of the sector. The overall Passenger Vehicle (PV) segment has a 14 per cent market share.

In the continuation series by HP Inc, PCQUEST has organized two business conferences to showcase the combined technology of Hardware and Software to help the IT& ITES and Automobile industry followed by Bangalore and Chennai to accelerate their business growth with the help of technology.

The event attended by 75+ industry experts in IT and Auto manufacturers in both cities and comprised of interesting sessions by HP Inc, Uneecops and Autodesk on the combined solution of Hardware and Software for both industries. During the event, a lucky draw session has been conducted and sponsored by HP.

The opening note in Bangalore for IT&ITES Industry has been presented by Arun Naisik, SMB and Channel, HP Inc. He addressed the audience and gave the deep insights about the HP’s Journey so far and elaborated how HP is Reinventing the technology. He has also shared the knowledge about the IT sector in terms of role, growth and future opportunities in Information Technology. He gave a deep brief knowledge about the importance of hardware and software in the current scenario.

Mukesh Sharma, Head, Commercial Business Desktop Category HP Inc, presented their entire latest commercial desktop series. He showcased how HP has been changed so far in terms of latest technology with their design and innovation. He presented HP Elite Desk 800 which is VR Ready Desktop, HP Eliteone 1000 G1, HP 200 G3 an entry-level Commercial Machine and briefed the useful specifications as per the uses in business.

In the second session of HP presented by Suresh Kumar, who heads the Notebook Business category in HP Inc South Region, How the industry has changed the way of working and the working style. Now most of the business professional work from anywhere maybe from Airport, Work from home, during the travelling. He presented the latest, compatible and innovatively designed Business laptops which help professional to work from anywhere. He presented the world lightest and thinnest convertible laptop in the category.

Suresh Srinivasan, Head Workstation Business Category, HP Inc presented the HP’s Z workstation category.

Vinod Kumar, Uneecops showcased their ERP solutions for the IT industry. Uneecops presented the entire range of ERP software and highlighted the use of the right software and solutions. In his presentation, he explained the how partners can ease their business by using the right software for their business.

HP and PCQUEST had a very successful event in Bangalore and we reached Chennai for another event to invite Auto Mobile honchos and to understand the market.

The event kick-started with the opening note by Senthil Annamalai from HP followed by the same format and sessions as we had in Bangalore by Mukesh Sharma on entire latest commercial desktop series and Suresh Kumar on notebook category.

On the software side in Chennai, we had Autodesk, designing software which is compatible and designed for Auto Mobile Industry.  Keerti Malavooro, Autodesk presented Autodesk’s latest designing software specially designed and used for Auto Manufacturing industry. He explained the features and the compatibility of the software with the right Hardware of HP.

Besides the sessions covered during both conferences, a quiz and a lucky draw were also organized for attendees. The quiz and draw created a light mood, accentuated and sponsored by HP.


We have observed that the adoption of technologies that are specific to the industry is very high in the IT&ITES and Auto Mobile Industry. There is an enormous growth for the industry to be more open to the utilization of the combination of Hardware and Software.

Bangalore Attendees Feedback

Narasimharao Akundi, Head- Information Security, Sonata

I was here to understand what HP is offering in their product range kind of security, flexibility and the power that available to the industry. We wanted to know what kind of security and power we can give to our 400 members of our company. It was a very informative evening and very well explained by HP, UNEECOPS. I got a lot of information in one place.

Suryanarayana P, VP- Technology and Projects, Red Apple Inc

HP is coming with the new technology and new features in their products were very interesting and new to the market. HP always brings top quality products to the industry. I am an HP user personally but here what HP showed I have never seen those products. I really like the concept of the overall combination of hardware and software.

Shekar R, VP, Cache TEchnologies & communications P Ltd

Today’s session was very informative and good insight into the new technology that HP has innovating for a long period of time now. Innovations that have been brought to this county by attractive prices and offerings suited to various industrial standpoints. Today’s highlight was the security part that really everyone concerns and another highlight was the screen which was one of the innovations what industry is looking for. The combination and the collaboration of all the vendors today were very useful for any company to grow and for emerging India. Thank you HP and PCQUEST.

Shashimohan Doddamane, Director, Ciber

Thanks for inviting me to this conference. It was a very useful and excellent program. The Software session was really insightful and useful for the business. We understood that by using the right software how can we gear up or business in terms of turnovers.  The combined solution will help traders for good business.

Brhama, Project Manager, Happiest Minds

We really like the event so much. Both the sponsors, HP and Uneecops has presented their solution so nicely and we were able to understand their solutions deeply.

Chennai Attendees Feedback

Rajendran, MD, Dynamatic Technologies Ltd

First of all, I thank HP for the invite. I have attended many seminars but this one I was thinking about what I will be surprising for me. But when I entered and start listening for the first five minutes I was thinking that these people are the marketing people and they want to sell their products and why I should attend now? Later on, when it was going I really understood it is like watching a movie and the climax. In just two hours of the conference, they made me realized how much we are facing the technology challenges in our offices and your company will suffer. It is a different seminar I have attended. Well done.

Gautam Gupta, Sr Manager IT Infrastructure Planner, Ford Motor Company

It was a very informative programme about the latest technology that is coming and can help us to grow our business. Today, Data Analytics is a major factor in business and everything is based on Data. So we need the technology for our business. What HP and Uneecops have brought as a solution is really important and relevant for the business.

P Senthil Kumar, Director, Indian Entrance Automation

We really like the event so much. Both the sponsors, HP and Autodesk has presented their solution so nicely and we were able to understand their solutions deeply. I was really surprised with the latest technology by HP. Thanks, Cybermedia to organize this show.

K Raghavan, CEO, Sankar Sealing Systems Pvt. Ltd.

I am very much glad about this event and I am thankful to HP for organizing such event where insight knowledge of hardware and software under one roof. It was a really good achievement getting the knowledge to take a decision on what’s new technology is going on in the market. Overall it’s a good initiative and I would like HP to continue it and later on bring new technology.

Pravin Devaraj, Manager- IT, V lead Design Services

I have seen a lot of new and innovative products today. We are already using HP workstations and servers in our company and this is the only reason I came here to attend the event.  I found 3 more useful devices here which can help our company for enhancement of new technology.

Sathyanarayanan A, GM – IT, Ashok Leyland Limited

It was the very insightful session and what new products that HP has showcased here are extraordinary.  The updated devices always help the organization to grow faster and HP products in terms of design and security, they are compact, more powerful more collaborative and more content oriented and when the hardware gets the new concept like designing for manufacturing, Autodesk is going to be compatible software. This is a very good combination. It was great eye-opening for us.

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