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HTC launches U Series of smartphones: HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play

HTC unveiled the HTC U Ultra and the HTC U Play smartphones in the Indian market.  Both the smartphones come with beautifully 3D contoured, liquid surface, adaptive HTC U sonic technology for personalized hearing and a unique combination of MegaPixel and UltraPixel camera technology on the front to provide vivid light, color and detail. The HTC U Ultra is priced at Rs. 59,990 (MOP) and the HTC U Play is priced at Rs. 39,990 (MOP).

The HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play come with a one-year insurance that covers liquid damage and any physical damage to the phones. The customers also have an option to avail 7.5% cash back on the MOP value of both the phones using Standard Chartered Debit or credit card. This offer is valid from 6th March ’17 – 31st May ’17. HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play will be available in Indian market from 6th March ‘17 and mid-March ’17 respectively


The HTC U Ultra comes equipped with the dual display, HTC Sense Companion, U Sonic and Voice recognition. The device has BoomSound Hi-Fi edition speakers and camera with 16MP and UltraPixel in the front and 12MP UltraPixel main camera to deliver less blur, faster focus, better photos at night. HTC U Ultra and U Play comes in with a 64GB memory variant. The HTC U Ultra is available in three colors, which include Brilliant Black; Cosmetic Pink and Sapphire Blue. The HTC U Play with a 5.2” perfectly symmetric thin design takes brilliant selfies with 16MP rear and UltraPixel  front camera. The HTC U Play is available in Iceberg White; Indigo Blue; Black Oil and Cosmic Pink Gold colors in the India market.


HTC U Ultra

Reflects U

The device has a new, beautifully 3D contoured, liquid surface that’s designed to reflect. The device has a Lustrous; symmetrical, curved glass construction with color from vapored minerals layered to add depth and brilliance from every angle. The polished surface bends and blends seamlessly into the side of the phone allowing it to nestle perfectly in your hand.


Learns from U

Introducing the new HTC Sense Companion that is your personal companion who is always learning from you; suggesting how you dress warm and leave for work earlier on a snowy day. It reminds you to charge if it figures you need more power to last until you get home.

Responds to U

Voice recognition is the most natural way to interact. HTC U Ultra can recognize your voice and respond, even if it’s asleep. It navigates your phone, take or reject calls, snooze or dismiss alarms, and more.

Puts U on top

The new Dual Display gives you the information you need, at your fingertips. It is perfect for fast, convenient access to the things you use the most, like your favorite contacts, apps, reminders, event notifications and more. This is because what’s important to you should always be right on top.

Listens to U

As every person’s inner ear is as unique as their fingerprint HTC USonic analyzes your inner ears with a sonar-like pulse, and then adapts to you. The tiny microphones listen for the sonic reflection in your ears – One in the left ear, one in the right analyze the reflected tone to optimize the headsets just for you. Whether you’re in a library or at a party, you can adapt your headset to suit noise levels around you.

HTC BoomSound Hi-Fi edition speakers deliver pulse-pounding audio, featuring separated sound design like leading acoustic systems


Positions U: 3D Audio

Four omnidirectional mics capture positional sound and recording 360-degree immersive audio which makes you feel like you are there at a rock show, in the concert hall or anywhere you want.



You can easily switch between 16MP and UltraPixel in the front camera and choose between unparalleled light sensitivity of UltraPixel or the high resolution of 16MP to get the biggest shot with most details. At the rear side it has 12MP UltraPixel main camera.


HTC U Play

Reflects U

The HTC U Play 5.2” smartphone is designed to reflect the best of you. The device comes with a new, beautifully 3D contoured, liquid surface with Lustrous, symmetrical, curved glass construction that reflects light beautifully.


Learns from U

HTC U Play comes with HTC Sense Companion. This personal companion is always learning from you and comes with voice recognition built-in so that it’s able to respond to your voice. Just say the word to navigate your phone, take or reject incoming calls, snooze or dismiss an alarm, send messages and even begin hands-free navigation.


Listens to U

Same like HTC U it analyzing the reflected tone to optimize the headset just for you. Whether you’re in a library or at a party, you can adapt your headset to suit noise levels around you.


Captures U

In HTC U the both front and rear camera is of 16MP to deliver better selfies and day to day images.


Points to be Noted:

1  Insurance coverage value is equivalent only to the MOP value of the phone

2 HTC Sense Companion retrieves information from third party websites and databases. HTC is not responsible for the accuracy of such third party content.

3 Some feature available for download in 2017 and may not be pre-installed. Feature installation requires an internet connection and download and acceptance of an HTC system update.

4 Inbox accessories may vary from country to country. Please check with an authorized retailer or operator for availability. HTC USonic compatible with USB-C connection only

5 UltraPixel mode is four times more sensitive to light than standard mode.

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