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Cloud computing, HTML 5 and mobile market and tablets’ explosion: You will read about these in most compositions that predict future trends. But, in this space, I’d like to share the trends that I see emerging from around me. I base the 2011 trends on the requirements of my clients during the year 2010; I base them on what I’m working on today. I jot down four such trends for the following year. These trends are different from each other but are certainly the ones I’m attentive to.
In 2011, I first see Groupware as the most popular app for the Cloud. Second, I see an increased awareness and mandate to use CMS (Content Management System). Next on my trends list are increase in the usage of the easy to install and ready to use open-source products. Finally, are the alternate, quality, and specialized content creation to feed the popularity of tablets such as the iPad. The reason I believe these will form the trends for 2011 are as follows.
Cloud is meant to host all our performance hungry and scalable apps. But I can see my clients opting for Cloud more for Groupware, than for other requirements. For example, I didn’t take up even a single requirement for installation of E-mail or a groupware product this year. For all such requirements, I suggested Google Apps to my clients. The following year, I see many more companies moving their Groupware to the cloud. Groupware could be the starter to a more serious but gradual move to Cloud Computing in the years to follow. Here is another interesting trend. Customers are getting increasingly aware of CMS . Customers are moving away from static websites and custom built CMSes. This continuing trend could actually lead to quicker adoption of latest standards like HTML 5. Here’s how. It is obvious that the adoption of HTML 5 would be slow due to the associated learning, time and efforts. But CMSes, like Joomla,

Drupal and WordPress, are quick to adopt the latest in standards.
I see increased adoption of easy to install and ready to use open-source products for common business requirements such as CRM, document management, asset mgmt, helpdesk, online survey, blogs and wikis.
Today everyone wants to target their content for iPads and similar devices. Are these people ignoring the fact that their content is already friendly to iPads? Thanks to the iPad’s full-blown web browser and RSS apps. When my customers express their desire to target such devices, I ask them to brainstorm about what they can offer more and different to iPad users. The ideas that are popping up include more multimedia content (images, audio and video) and content useful to users while on the move a.k.a location aware delivery.I hope to see more and more content managers thinking on the same lines to target not only iPads but also other gadgets like e-book readers and phones
The above was my take on a few trends in 2011.
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