Huami’s Amazfit Debuts at MWC, Opening a New Chapter in Globalization

Huami’s Amazfit was first staged at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.Its products,ranging from smart watches, smart bands,electric toothbrushes,sports

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Huami’s Amazfit was first staged at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Its products, ranging from smart watches, smart bands, electric toothbrushes, sports shoes, sports clothes to professional sports monitoring equipment for tennis, soccer and golf, and even to the self-developed wearable AI Chip Huangshan No.1 (MHS001), were all exhibited, opening a new chapter for its globalization.


Huami has always been well known for its design and manufacturing of Xiaomi’s Mi Band, but its self-brand Amazfit has also developed rapidly in the year of 2018.

According to the third quarter financial report released by Huami Corporation in 2018, the sales value of its own brand continued to grow in the third quarter, up to 172.8% year-on-year. At the same time, the proportion of overseas shipments has also increased significantly.

In the third quarter, the shipment of international version accounted for 42.7% in all its sales. In other words, its own brand has gained recognition by the global market. This also means that, this brand which has been successfully launched into 45 countries and regions since it was created 3 years ago.


Since Amazfit smart sports watch was first launched, the product line has been gaining wider recognition and more satisfaction, and the international market has also increased its interest in Amazfit products.

Till July of 2018, Amazfit smart sports watches had been sold up to 1 million units overseas; Amazfit Bip ranked the 3rd in the world’s best-selling smart watches in the second quarter of 2018, and was called “Best Overall Smartwatch” by the international technology media BGR; besides, Amazfit also ranked as the world’s fourth largest brand of smart watches.

Looking ahead, Huami Corporation will take it as a mission as well as a goal to provide better sports and health care for everyone in the world via the power of science and technology.