IBM Blade Center

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We received the IBM Blade Center with a couple of blade servers and HDDs.
This Blade Chassis is called the BladeCenter S and is meant for SMBs and Branch
Offices. Its key benefits are: a single rack enclosure of around 2 feet with 11U
space, which can act as a complete mini datacenter for SMBs or branch office
setups. This is called the BladeCenter S OfficeEnablement Kit, and gives you 4U
of additional space for adding other rack mountable devices. These enclosures
also help in suppressing the sound generated by the blades. We didn’t run any
benchmarks on the box as the results would vary with the configuration of
servers and disks going to be used in the box. That’s why we’ve done this visual
tour to show what goes into a mini BladeCenter. But before that, let’s try to
get a feel of what all it has and what all it can do.

An empty Chassis connected inside the mini 2 feet rack.
The speciality of this rack is that it has 4U space free for adding other
network, security or storage servers in the same box.

IBM BladeCenter S 6-Disk Storage Module. Here you can
allocate any number of disks to any blade server dynamically.

This enclosure comes with a Blade chassis that can take upto six blade
servers. And for storage, it can accommodate up to 12 SAS or 12 SATA disks (with
two IBM BladeCenter S 6-Disk Storage Modules) or a mix of both. It also has
hot-swap and redundant switch modules which can support SAS, Gigabit Ethernet
and Fiber Channel options, an inbuilt KVM and a remote management interface for
configuring and accessing each and every component over IP.

Dummies to fill up the empty server slots, to prevent it
from gathering dust.

DVD ROM and backup battery module. If your failsafe power
also fails, then also you have those batteries to save you.

For power supply, it has four hot-swap and redundant load-balancing power
supply modules, and it’s designed to sustain either complete power failure of
one power source or failure of any of the two SMPSes.Being an IBM product, the
box truly follows the IBM toolless technology concept which means you can take
out every single component from the chassis without even touching a screw
driver. Even blade servers inside the chassis have been designed on the same

SMS Buy 130930 to 56677.

Dummy to cover up space for another IBM BladeCenter S
6-Disk Storage Module.

IBM 146GB 15K 3.5 in HS SAS HDD connected through a
hotswappable HDD chassis

The brains behind the box—the Blade server, with Xeon
Quad Core E5405 80W 2 GHz.. It also comes with two internal 2.5 inch disks

This is how your BladeCenter S will look from the front,
when it’s fully loaded. You can see 2U empty space both at the top and at
the bottom for adding devices.

The empty back of the BladeCenter. When the door is
closed, the cabinet has the capability to reduce the sound level to 90%.

Four Hotswappable failsafe fans to keep your IBM
BladeCenter cool. These fans also support the tool less technology from IBM.


Dummies to fill up empty slots. These slots can be
further filled with network/SAS/VGA/ USB adapters.

IBM BaldeCenter S Management Network Port Model.

5 RJ45 network ports module. A number of such ports can
be configured with any of the blade servers.

5 Fibre Channel network ports module. These ports can be
configured with any of the blade servers.

VGA and USB Ports. These ports are connected with the
inbuilt KVM and automatically get connected with the selected server.

Two failsafe SMPSes. The empty places which you see are
the two slots for adding SMPSes for better failsafe options.

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