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IBM unveils the IBM Government Industry Framework (GIF), designed to accelerate the deployment of solutions to build a smarter government. The IBM GIF is a unified software platform for implementing comprehensive solutions focused around improving citizen services, increasing transparency, enhancing public safety, crime prevention, managing law enforcement, disaster management, security threats, exploding urban and IT infrastructure, effective traffic management and tax and revenue management. The framework enables customers to choose from a variety of industry solutions that are pre-integrated on common middleware and industry-specific extensions. As a result, customers can deploy solutions in their current environment faster and at lower cost without compromising on flexibility and choice.

The IBM Government Industry Framework delivers speed, flexibility, and interoperability. Interoperability increases transparency across government entities for more efficient information sharing, service coordination and record keeping.

Some of the solutions that are enabled by GIF were showcased at the IBM India Software Labs in Bangalore included:

Smart City Command Center— This initiative uses smarter solutions to help cities improve their sustainability and deliver effectively to the citizens.

Government Trusted Identity Solution- This solution helps in social services by improving the trust and confidence in human identity systems and related business transformation. The solution will improve the access to social services and entitlements by the residents, making the system more efficient, transparent, and easier to use and less vulnerable to fraud.

Law Enforcement Solution- Internal security and public safety is one of the most challenging issue Governments across the globe are facing. To timely investigate crimes, identify patterns and trends, capture crime statistics, build knowledge are some of the common aspects of every police system modernization initiative.

Smart Work for Efficient Governance – This solution enables Governments to do smart work. It provides a unified interface for citizen and Government employees with appropriate authorization and personalization. It leverages SOA approach to deliver G2C & G2G applications to be working independently.

Smart Analysis through IBM Data warehousing – IBM with comprehensive data warehousing technologies and smart analytics can help the Government to derive meaningful knowledge and empower them for effective decision making, which helps in proper utilization of resources and better planning. This solution can be extremely useful to the agricultural department.

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