iCancer: Bridging A Big Gap

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Solution Requirement


For a patient with a severe illness, it is very difficult to get an appointment and then, physically visit the doctor each time at their clinics. Therefore, the requirement at iCancer was to provide a virtual coordinated care platform to patients to bridge the gap between the clinic and the patient’s home.

The application was designed to provide patients with an online platform that could allow the patients to consult the doctors via phones or computers without visiting them at the clinic.

Solution Deployment

Q3 Technologies developed a Web and Mobile app for helping iCancer patients by tracking their symptoms, medications, nutrition, and exercise. The application provides a patient with the ability to network with other patients, caregivers, and health care providers. The application provides modules to chat/speak with other patients, oncologists or doctors via phones or computers without visiting them physically. For integrating native app and HTML modules, Q3 Technologies developers first used PhoneGap, a mobile development framework to integrate both the modules. However, integration could not be done using PhoneGap.


Hence, the developers used a third party tool called Webview JavaScript Bridge, which enabled the developers to link native modules with the HTML modules. Moreover, it also enabled the developers to integrate video module within the application.

A feature driven development approach was adopted to plan the development strategy and to

ensure scalability and reliability while fostering performance and innovation. To organize the code and make the web application faster, the developers used MVC architecture, using Backbone JS and Marionette JS. The application used require JS Library to handle the dependency, which allowed the application to load only the required module at a time and thus, enhanced the performance of the application.

Solution Benefits

Speed & accuracy of field collected data – the application created for iCancer allows synchronizing the complete details entered on iPad to the database and thus saving a lot of time and efforts. Allows the client to save time and money and provides a quick return on Investment. The application eliminates duplicate data entry and data accuracy is now increased by capturing original data directly from the source and transcription errors are reduced.

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