Implementation Guides

Configuring IIS 5

September 17, 2001

Publish Web pages and share documents over the Web

Enterprise Security: The Human Angle

July 14, 2001

What compromises security today is not weak systems or cryptography, but the carelessness of administrators and users

Are Network Data-storage Technologies Merging?

July 14, 2001

Celerra HighRoad extends some benefits of SAN to NAS, but both continue to be separate technologies with different roles

Can CRM be ERP?

July 14, 2001

CRM vendors are trying to expand their scope into ERP. They should first deliver on the CRM promise

Linux Unleashed

July 14, 2001

It’s finally here and it’s more power-packed than ever before. PCQ Linux 7.1 (Based on Red Hat Linux 7.1)comes with extra install options, drivers for common hardware, and various other goodies to make both configuration and use, easy .

Online Documents on the CD

July 11, 2001

When you ask a question online about something that is well documented, you will often be curtly ...

Servers get Slimmer

June 18, 2001

With space at a premium, rack and ultradense servers stack more power and capacity into lesser and lesser space

More Reliability with RAID

June 18, 2001

A widely used technology in servers, RAID combines multiple hard drives into a single logical drive. It is used to increase reliability and uptime in servers and give you faster data access.

Managing Customer Relations in the Electronic Age

June 18, 2001

eCRM solutions give companies a more interactive and personalized way of handling customer relations Cisco’s record write off 

Setting up Web Servers

June 16, 2001

Installing Apache for Linux and Netscape FastTrack Server for NetWare 5.0

How Web Servers Work

June 16, 2001

This month we begin a series on Web servers, covering aspects like what they do and how you can configure them for various requirements.

A New Way to Manage Win 2k

May 24, 2001

Managing a Windows 2000 infrastructure through a power query language

Customizing Tomcat

May 6, 2001

How to locate your JSPs in a new directory on this JSP engine

Winux and Lion

May 6, 2001

What these viruses mean to Linux users

The Latest X Server

April 6, 2001

How to install and configure XFree86 4.0.2

Tomcat on Linux

March 28, 2001

Set up Tomcat, a JSP and servlet engine, as a standalone or as an Apache Web-server module

Power Linux

December 6, 2000

Linux is no longer a stranger to people, and if you haven’t actually used it, you would have at least read about it in national and international media.Since 1995, it’s ...

Security Alert

September 4, 2000

Patches that secure your system against mischief-mongers on the Net

Booting Linux with the Win 2k Boot Loader

August 1, 2000

Tired of typing boot labels at LILO to get into Windows 2000? Here’s how to get Linux as an option in the Win 2k boot menu

The Active Directory Services Interface

August 1, 2000

Using simple scripts to program the Windows 2000 Active Directory