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Ten, Sixty six and then... one hundred and thirty seven.

No, we am not talking of some arithmetic progression that you need to solve.

These are the number of projects that have been covered for the Best IT

Implementation Awards these last three years. The number of valid nominations

received each year is slightly higher than the numbers covered. And the total

number of nominations received is much higher.

Overall Best

Freight Operations Information System, Indian Railways
Most Innovative

Mail Attachment Stripping, ICICI Bank
Maximum Business Impact

B2B Petroleum Portal, Reliance Industries
Most Challenging Implementation

SBI Connect, State Bank of India
Maximum Business Impact

Genius I, Shamrao Vithal Cooperative Bank
Maximum Social Impact

Integrated Information System of Foodgrains Management, FCI
Most Innovative

Corporate Personnel Movement,Mahindra & Mahindra

Let us explain

The Best IT Implementation Awards have an open nomination process; anyone

can nominate any project. But there are some qualification criteria for a

nomination to stand valid. Firstly, the benefits of the project should be

available in


. And the project or the module

being nominated should have come on-stream during the

previous year. So, a project could have taken years to implement, but if it

became fully operational during the previous year, then it is eligible to be

nominated. And frankly, we have not strictly enforced the time clause, but

projects that are significantly old do not qualify.


Since the qualifying criteria is that the benefits of the

project have to be available in


, projects done by

Indian software firms for entities abroad do not qualify.

These previous years, we used to use both paper and online

nomination forms. But this year, we eliminated the paper work and restricted the

nomination form to the online one only.

Once the nominations are in, there's a preliminary audit

for qualification. Every project that qualifies is sent the Awards

questionnaire. Once that is done, the PCQuest team starts the follow-up audit of

the project. This process is very elaborate and often continues till the early

hours of the day the jury meets!


During this stage, many projects drop out, due to various

reasons-most common of these are confidentiality issues, where the project

implementers are not in a position to reveal project details, or the project is


actually complete or is just a pilot. Some of these dropouts are really good

projects, and we have tried our best to get over the confidentiality issues.

There are some really good ones in this list, and more than

the awards themselves, there are ideas and solutions that the rest of us would

find useful in our Enterprises. While these awards are meant to identify and

encourage outstanding work in Enterprise IT implementation, their actual value

is in creating a bank of ideas for the rest of us.

Adeesh Sharma, Anil Chopra, Anindya Roy, Krishna Kumar,

Sanjay Majumder, Sujay V Sarma, Rinku Tyagi

Overall Best: Indian Railways
Most Innovative: ICICI Bank
Maximum Business Impact: Reliance Industries
Most Challenging Implementation: State Bank of India
Maximum Social Impact: Food Corporation of India
Maximum Business Impact: Shamrao Vithal Cooperative Bank
Most Innovative: Mahindra & Mahindra
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