“India is very strategic for PTC”: Kalyan Sridhar, PTC India

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In a one on one with PC Quest Kalyan Sridhar, country manager of PTC India talks about the performance of the company in different verticals.

Kalyan Sridhar, Country Manager, PTC India

What sort of traction you see in India?
India is a very strategic market for us. It’s a market which is currently a little underperforming. But looking at the team we have a pretty solid base here.
Unfortunately we have been not able to get the more no. of customer or the value in terms of moving up where the PTC is globally going. I will not say that we have a pretty solid time here. So, overall in the last couple of years its actually double revenue in India.

What are the verticals and the LOB’s you operate
The verticals are pretty much open. We are actually getting into a lot of new verticals or traditionally what has been in our place. For eg. Telco, we are getting in telco in a big way. And so we are seeing a lot of traction that we are building especially with the IT and play in
telco. Similarly we are getting into pharma sector in a big way. And that’s again a very big area of getting traction for PTC in the market. We are also coming with our retail PLM for med devices. Working with the device around the pharma and medical devices.

What is the no. of customers you have?
We have pretty much customers across the multiple segment. From which we have 50-60 direct customers. And in manufacturing space we are pretty much done with almost all the large manufacturers. Whether it be an automotive supplier to the OEM’s.

From where PTC gets growth?
We are growing through manufacturing space and a little bit from the partner’s like telco and the retail space. But primarily it’s on the core which is manufacturing, we have seen customers taking it the next level and new customer are coming and added to the value chain.

What is the overall partner ecosystem?
Basically we have two partnership models one is traditional reseller and the other is systematic traders. In which we have eight SI’s globally. We have multiple spread of resellers across the country. Some of them have exclusive relationship with us, while others are also associated with other vendors.

What will be the roadmap for next 8 to 12 months?
Right now we are focusing on IT sector and our customers as well. IT space is right now booming with traction so obviously we are intended to open or close partnerships. We are expecting a good space in almost every business vertical we are active.

PTC is a global software company that delivers a technology platform and solutions to help companies design, manufacture, operate, and service things for a smart, connected world.

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    Thanks, I have recently been searching for information about this subject for a while and yours is the greatest I’ve discovered till now

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