Advertisment to Deploy IPv6, the Next Generation IP Address System for Business Users

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With lots of buzz around IPv6, there are many who wonder is this really imperative to deploy the next version of Internet protocol for their businesses. However, the truth is that IPv4 address space is expected to run out soon and to enable Internet's growth, companies must embrace IPv6.


IndSoft Systems, an on demand hosting service and the virtual data center provider for the MSMEs, comes equipped to provide next generation IPv6 support. The company will provide IPv6 transition support including improving their routing and network configurations.

The old system is running out of room

IPv6 is aimed to replace the current IP address system, which carries the vast majority of current internet traffic allowing up to approximately 4 billion addresses. IPv6 allocates a unique IP address to users, thereby enabling a direct track of the end user.


IPv6 extends the number of network address bits to 128 bits as against 32 bits of IPv4 to offer unlimited address space, greater flexibility and at the same time brings enhanced internet experience.

"While the roll-out and implementation of IPv6 throughout the industry is still in its early stages, it will be a requisite for our customers, and we want them to be able to begin benefiting from it now", says Hrishikesh Varekar, Sr Manager at Indsoft.


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