Innovative IoT Start-Ups

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Here are some innovative startup companies in India that are currently paving the way for IoT to become a reality Here are some interesting IoT innovations
Ashwin Meshram, CEO, Sqy! Rewards

Countries all over the world are adopting this new approach and this will result in a number of new start ups that will take over the market like a storm. This new era in technology shall give rise to a number of job opportunities and entrepreneurs. Here are some interesting IoT innovations:
CarIQ is a new IoT start up that makes your car smarter with devices that record data from your car like mileage and speed, driving patterns, etc. It also lets you compare these stats with your friends, people around you or people with the same car.

TeeWe allows you to connect all your content to the TV through a single device that has a Wi-fi connection, be it your smart phone or laptop. The TeeWe also turns your phone into a smart remote control therefore making it perfectly user friendly.

SenseGiz offers tiny sensor chips that you can attach to any of your personal belongings in order to track them. This helps majorly in case you lose a lot of stuff. It is user friendly and can be attached to any surface for instance, your phone, wallet or keys.

LifePlot is a portable electrocardiography diagnosis tool. This product is a medical monitoring device which records data of basic medical diagnosis and provides solutions. This device is connected to the internet at all times and provides instant diagnosis for common medical issues.

IoT is going to be one of the most influential trends in technology and will surely up the stakes for markets all over the world. The IoT protocol shall be adopted on a wide scale in the near future therefore, bringing on a new era in the world saga.

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