Instagram's new stories sticker lets users initiate group chat with friends

Instagram's new stories sticker allows its users to start a new group chat with the freedom to choose or exclude people from their followers

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instagram stories sticker

Instagram tweeted about a new sticker on Tuesday. This story sticker will help users to initiate a group chat.


By adding this sticker to your story you can ask your followers to join a new group chat and then it's up to you to decide who to include in the story. There are various story stickers such as including polls, question boxes, mentions, locations, hashtags, and countdowns etc.

Instagram is looking forward to helping people initiate straight forward conversations, so as to make plans or to discuss anything or to make any decision.

If someone places a chat sticker to their story, their followers can tap the stickers and ask for access to the chat.  The original poster of the story can then choose who they want to include in the group chat, which will be done in their DM. They can end the chat anytime.


However, several users do not seem excited about this sticker.  According to some users, such stickers are not needed.

"How about you fix your app before adding new stuff???? I can't even log into my account! Can't wait till someone makes something better than Instagram! You guys don't even care about the users," a user tweeted.

"This is absolutely ridiculous and it's unacceptable @instagram start listening," another user wrote.

The new sticker is now rolling out. You can update your Instagram to use the chat sticker.