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Step 1: Download WordPress application

Download WordPress from its website or from the PCQuest March DVD and unzip it with the following command. It will download the zipped wordpress package straight to your user’s home directory.

Step 2: Create the WordPress database and user
After we unzip the wordpress files, they will be in a directory called WordPress in the home directory. Now we need to create a new MySQL directory for WordPress. To do so log on to the MySQL Shell by using the following command:

Login using your MySQL root password. Next we need to create a WordPress database, a user for that database, and give that user a new password. Keep in mind that all MySQL commands must end with a semi-colon. You can replace the database, name, and password, with whatever you want:
You can create a Database for wordpress using the following commands:

Next we need to create a new user:

Set the password for your new user:

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