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With Youtube gaining popularity, more and more phpBB boards
want to allow their members to post YouTube videos in their posts. I am sure
most of you reading this watch Youtube videos and share them. Here we guide you
on how to add YouTube videos to your phpBB forums.While phpBB has some of the
most popular BBCodes included by default, you can also add your own . This
article will explain how to add your own custom BBCodes. PhpBB3 has a powerful
new feature that lets you add your own BBCodes directly from an easy to use
admin panel interface –no MODS or code changes needed.

To do this, login to Administrative Control Panel (ACP) and
click on the ‘Posting’ tab at the top. Click on the ‘Add a New BBCode’ button
in the bottom right of the page. This will open up three text input areas,
BBCode usage, HTML replacement, and Help line text box -where you can enter a
tip on how to use your new BBCode.

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Enter the following in the ‘BBCode usage’ box:


Enter the following in the ‘HTML replacement’ box:

Login to ACP, click on ‘Posting’ and add the code under the
three head and you’re done.

<object width=”425″
height=”350″><param name=”movie”
name=”wmode” value=”transparent”></param><embed
type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” wmode=”transparent” width=”425″

And finally enter the following in the ‘Help line text’


Now, to use the new [YouTube][/YouTube] BBcode tags you
just created on posting page, you need to insert the YouTube Video ID of the
YouTube video you want to add in between the tags. You will now be able to embed
YouTube videos on your forum.

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