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We tested and compared the Intel Core i5 750, codenamed
Lynnfield, with  Intel Core i7 870 which we had tested before. Intel Core i5 750
is another Quad Core CPU based on 45nm technology from the Intel family that
lives up to its ancestral name. Priced reasonably at  Rs 10,550 -which is about
a third as compared to Intel’s Core i7 870, the Core i5 750  delivered very good
results in our  benchmarks.

 The wide difference in performance of Intel Core i5 750
over the Intel Core i7 870 is completely overawed by the major difference in
price. In our test bed, the average performance difference in both the 
processors is around 20%. This makes Intel Core i5 750 a much better bet for
workgroup users. Plus the performance to price rating is further accentuated by
a major dip in power usage by the Intel Core i5 750 at full tilt.

Price: Rs 10,550 ( 3-year warranty)
Key Specs: 45nm, 8 MB cache, Quad Core
Pros: Low power consumption
Cons: None
Tel: 18004256835

SMS Buy 131290 to 56677

Both chips were  run on  Asus 97P55D Deluxe motherboard with 2GB of DDR3
RAM, nVIDIA  9600 GT graphics card and 120 GB Seagate HDD at 7200 rpm spindle
speed. In both the cases, Windows XP SP3 Pro Edition was used.

In 3D Mark06, the Intel core i7 870 managed a healthy 5905
whereas the Intel Core i5 750 notched up 4589, a 20 % dip but impressive
nonetheless. In  PCMark05,   Intel Core i7 870 achieved an impressive 10053
whereas the Intel Core i5 750 managed a not so bad 8767.

When the Intel Core i7 870 was put to POV-Ray test, the
result was a render average of 89240 PPS in 2.20 sec over 196608 pixels whereas
the Intel Core i5 750 achieved 78643 PPS in 2.50 sec over 196608 pixels.

In the Power Test, the Intel Core i7 870 consumed 102 watts
in idle mode, 87 watts on stand-by and 185 running on full blast. Compare this
with the Intel Core i5 750 which ate up 99 watts while idle, 85 watts on
stand-by and only 170 watts running at full tilt.

This is a major plus for the Intel Core i5 750 as it
consumes much less power as compared to the Intel Core i7 870; and when we talk
about large deployments with thousands of workstations, this can actually save
you a good amount of money in terms of power and backup.

performance, low power consumption at an affordable prices  is what makes this
chip a worthy buy.

Shikhar Mohan Gupta

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