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This model of the P4 family is special from the rest in that it is the first desktop processor to feature Hyperthreading (see page 58, PCQuest Dec 2002 issue for more on HT). All the other features are the same as previous processors, and the performance gain is also what would be expected from the increase in clock speed. Thus our main emphasis in this article is on HT, since it will be incorporated in all new processors. 

A drop-down menu lists all the common tasks that need to be performed when creating a project

Both OS and application need to be HT-enabled to properly take advantage of it. This means that older OSs like Win 9x go right out of the window, and only modern ones like Linux and Win 2K/XP can be considered. What if you have the right OS, but have apps that are not written for HT? Well, we don’t have a definite answer.

We benchmarked our P4 3.06 GHz processor first with HT enabled, and then disabled it through the 

BIOS for our next set of tests. For certain benchmarks like Content Creation 2001, we saw almost a 5% reduction in the score. For others like DivX encoding, there was an equal increase. Thus, it is difficult to give a definitive verdict on HT’s performance on non-HT applications. However, what we can say is that HT will give a big boost for applications that are written for it. For example, a benchmark called Primordia in ScienceMark shows a 14.3% increase in performance through code optimized for HT. 

Creation Winstone 2001
Mark 2001
III Arena (fps)
Sam (fps)
encoding (s)
100.8 5338 350.9 165.5 107 59 467
105.2 5309 348.2 164.3 112 59 534
configuration:Intel D850MV
motherboard, 512MB PC-1066 RDRAM, Samsung SP4002H HDD, Asus V7700 TI

The Bottom Line: HyperThreading’s success depends on developers using it. Going by past experience, Intel should succeed though it will take time. Till then, the new P4 3.06 GHz, though the fastest processor, will have a large untapped potential.


Price Rs 38,400
: Those who want the latest technology
: Hyperthreading
Pros  : Good performance increase with hyperthreading
Cons  : None
Contact : Nicom Systems, New Delhi.
Tel : 91-11-26416090
E-mail : 

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