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The 335 SSD series is sandwiched between 330 and 520 series. The prime differentiator between 335 series and the other two is the underlying MLC NAND flash memory used. While 330 and 520 series are based on 25 nm NAND, the 335 series is based on 20 nm NAND process. To put all this in ‘English’, 335 series is built using technology that allows Intel to put more transistors on the die which in turn enables more capacity and at the same time price is kept under control. Besides these benefits, the SSD built using 20 nm processes would consume lesser power as compared to those using 25 nm. Intel 335 series has only one member with 240 GB capacity in 2.5 inch form factor and a SATA 6 GB/s interface (for quick data transfer). If you have a machine that supports only 3.5 inch drives, then one can use the bundled 3.5-inch mounting bracket.

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We tested the transfer rate of this drive using HD Tune 2.55 benchmark on a Core i7 3.30 GHz machine with 3 GB RAM and Windows 7 32-bit OS. We got an average transfer rate of 198 MB/s. This is quite low when compared with Intel SSD 520 series 240 GB SSD that we reviewed in May 2012, which gave 318 MB/s. But this low performance is also accompanied with a much lower price. While Intel’s MRP for 520 is $318, the 335 costs only $184.

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Bottom Line: If you are looking for an SSD with high capacity at a nominal price then this one is just right.

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