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Lotus Notes reports by default have limited functionality to create reports.
Users mostly have to export data into Excel or even write a script sometimes for
reporting. An easy solution to this is IntelliPRINT from Synaptris, a reporting
and data analysis solution for Lotus Notes and Domino. With this, even a regular
Lotus Notes user can create reports with just a few clicks.

We tested IntelliPRINT Dashboard Reporting 5.2 with the latest Lotus Notes
8.5 Beta. Installing the application was easy. Once installed, the IntelliPRINT
was present from inside Lotus Notes, under the action menu. The Dashboard
largely constitutes of widgets that range from charts, a table or a pivot table
and can be created easily through a wizard. Also, these widgets can be created
from multiple databases linked with a common field. A widget once made can also
be easily edited at a later.

Price: Starts from $1000
Meant For: Lotus Notes users & Developers
Key Specs: Native dashboard reporting for Lotus Notes
Pros: Easy to use
Cons: Available only for Windows
Contact: Synaptris, Chennai
Tel: 44 6654 6083
SMS Buy 130975 to 56677

After creating a widget, you can simply drag and drop it into the dashboard
reporting workspace. A dashboard supports up to four widgets. It also allows
users to save dashboards as a file, so that you can use them later. One of the
coolest things in IntelliPRINT is interactivity in its widgets through its drill
down option i.e its ability to retrieve underlying data in real time. For
instance, if you click on a bar on a chart widget, it will immediately fetch the
underlying information and represent it in a chart format again.

It allows users to export reports in a PDF document or as a BMP, JPEG and
TIFF image. Also, since all reports are generated from within Notes, you don’t
have to worry about data integrity. Coming to the licensing part of it,
Synaptris offers multiple licensing options. For users who only need to view the
reports, IntelliPRINT offers IntelliPRINT Dashboard Report Viewer, where a user
can only view the reports from IntelliPRINT Reporting Dashboard. Similarly,
separate license types are available for Dashboard Report Editor and Dashboard
Report Author

Dashboard reports of
IntelliPRINT are interactive. So, when you click on a graph, it will
drill-down and show underlying data in graph format in real time.

Bottomline: This service makes reports making in Lotus Notes a piece
of cake. However, it’s a bit expensive.

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