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We’ve been receiving mail from PCQLinux 2004 users, wanting to use their Reliance CDMA phones, especially the LG 2030, to access the Internet. That is why we decided to write this article. 

To access the Net from your Reliance LG phone, first you need to configure the
data modem present in the phone so that it can be used as a dial-up modem. For this, from your phone menu go to Settings >Phone>Data Settings> Data Baud, and set the Data Baud to 115200. 

Next, connect the phone to your PC’s USB port, using an LG data cable. Remember to use a genuine LG data
cable, available at any Reliance Web World shop for Rs 1,200. 

After connecting the phone to your PC, boot it into PCQ Linux 2004 and open a terminal window. 

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Applies to: Linux desktop/mobile users
Configure the LG 2030 CDMA phone as a modem, and create scripts in PCQLinux 2004 to connect to the Internet over a Reliance connection

Issue the following commands to configure the phone’s modem.

# modprobe usbcore
# modprobe usbserial 
# modprobe ftdi_sio

After this, your phone will act as a serial modem. To check if your settings would indeed work, issue this command from the same window.

# usbview 

This opens a window showing all connected USB devices. If the window shows an entry called ‘USB—Serial’, it means your CDMA LG phone has been detected successfully. By default, Linux uses /dev/usb/ttyUSB0 as the device file of the phone. However, you can create a symbolic link for it, which is easier to remember. We created the link /dev/modem for this as follows. 

# ln -s /dev/usb/ttyUSB0 /dev/modem

And used this link in all subsequent configurations, instead of keying in the entire /dev/usb/tty USB0 path. 

Configuring PPP dialer
Next, you need to configure the PPP dialer on your Linux machine so that it can dial out to the Internet. To do this, edit the /etc/ppp/option file and fill the dialer configuration as given below. 

asyncmap 0
/dev/modem 115200

Here the keywords ‘lock’, ‘asyncmap’, ‘crtscts’, ‘modem’ and ‘/dev/modem 115200’ are the same for any modem configuration. The remaining keywords need to be added when using a Reliance CDMA phone as the modem. The keyword ‘defaultroute’ sets the default router to the system’s routing table, ‘usepeerdns’ sets the DNS on you machine and ‘onauth’, also known as stupid mode, eliminates the authentication process between your modem and the ISP. 

Go to the /root directory and create a file called .ppprc, which should contain the following.

user password

Here, enter your Reliance phone number for both the username and password. Creating this file (.ppprc) is mandatory, however, it is not used in any authentication but just used to avoid the appearance
of error message, when you dial out using the command pppd. 

Then you need to create the dial-in and disconnect scripts, which will dial and disconnect the CDMA
LG phone modem for you. To do this, open Vi from your Linux terminal window and write the script given below.

pppd /dev/modem 115200 debug usepeerdns defaultroute noauth connect ‘/usr/sbin/chat -v “”at+cta=30 OK “atdt#777” CONNECT’ mtu 264

Save this dialing script with a file name ‘rim’ and change its permission as shown below.

# chmod 777 rim (Here, 777 gives full permission to all users and group) 

In this script we are using two commands, pppd and chat. The former is used to establish a connection over a serial point-to-point link and the latter is used to execute modem commands from your machine. The ‘at+cta=30’ entry is a modem initialization command, ‘attdt#777’ dials the number 777 and ‘mtu 264’ sets the maximum transmission unit that a PPP connection can hold. 

For the disconnect script, open another file with Vi and issue the following. 

killall -9 pppd 

This kills all the processes running under pppd. Save this as ‘rim-disconnect’ and change its permission as you did for the dial-in script. 

Testing Internet connectivity
Finally, you have to execute the dialing script that you just created. For this, open a terminal window and execute the dialing script by typing #./rim. You won’t find any activity on PCQLinux 2004 showing the connectivity. Just check your phone’s LCD panel for this. It should go into data mode showing you the message ‘PPP Data Mode’. Then, simply fire up your favorite Web browser and try to access a website. You should be able to access the Internet if you’re connected, otherwise there’s a configuration issue. 

To disconnect the LG CDMA phone from the Internet, just run #./rim-disconnect from a terminal window and its done.

Sanjay Majumder

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