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This new version of Internet Explorer has many enhancements
over the previous one. You can download it from The
Website checks the current version of Internet Explorer running on your desktop, and
prompts you for an upgrade. Here’s a glimpse of some of its new features in pdf format. Install Acrobat Reader from here.

Improved search

IE 5 divides your search into several categories. It has a
wizard to help you find e-mail, street addresses, Websites, and places. It also has an
advanced search facility to find specific articles from an encyclopedia, or search a
newsgroup for a particular topic.

Offline browsing

You can mark specific Web pages to be made available
offline in your favorites folder and schedule updates for them. You can also select the
content you want offline from a particular Web page. What’s really new is: you can
save all the contents of the Web page, graphics, etc, onto another directory on your hard
disk for later viewing.


This feature works with the browser, the Windows explorer,
and the Start menu Run command. If you enable this feature, then IE 5 will remember your
keystrokes so that next time you want to go to the same location, it’ll automatically
fill the complete path after you punch in a few initial keys. You can also optionally
enable this for remembering passwords. So next time you go to a particular site that
requires a password, it’ll automatically place it there the moment you enter your
username. But beware, this feature can also auto-complete your password for someone else.

Multiple connections

The browser gives you the option of adding multiple dial-up
connections. It has an Internet connection wizard that lets you specify whether
you’ll be accessing the Net using a modem, or through your LAN. In dial-up, you can
define multiple dial-up settings if you’re using more than one Internet account.

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