IoT Keeping the Society Management System Secure and Going

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With smart technology nearing a significant impact on the property management industry, multifamily communities are also opening gates for new-age society management systems. A housing society has several needs – maintenance collection, facility booking, parking system, asset management, visitor & parcel management, communication among residents and MCs among several other duties. But with the spike of 200+ gated communities across sub-urban spaces, managing all of it could be quite challenging without an internet connectivity system in place.

Ms. Aashika Sripathi Co Founder COO ADDA

Ms. Aashika Sripathi Co Founder COO ADDA

However, talking about how internet connectivity begets human connectivity in modern society management, lies within the foray of the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT helps in creating a single point of wireless control for a variety of home automation devices such as generators, water tanks, pumps, fire panels, and common lights by combining AI with sensor-based technology.

Thus, the avenue of Smart Living comes to fruition with IoT & AI being deeply used by existing society management apps. Let’s now understand how it can help perform tasks, ensure optimum management with data collection of user behavior in various aspects.

Energy Efficiency & Utility Usage

In a smart society management system, monitoring the real-time usage and energy efficiency of all utility services such as power generators, water tanks, and waste disposal systems is necessary. To drive utility sustainability, the role of IoT sensors in a society management system is prominent in urban communities.

• Apartments can utilize a smart water control system that monitors and schedule their water consumption/usage level using an IoT computer sensor placed in the water tank that monitors water levels. Everyone can check it on the system.

• The IoT-based water control device also helps to check the water consistency & quality supplied to each household using pH level, flow rate, etc.

• IoT systems can also detect waste management inefficiencies by leveraging sensor, camera, and GPS data, enhance the pickup route or better understand residents’ waste disposal types & habits.

• Occupancy sensors also can make residents aware of the usage levels of generators or other backup systems so that refilling happens on time. It also helps admins record electrical performance and prevent dangerous anomalies.

• New HVAC sensors can also help property managers do remote meter monitoring to track tenants’ utility usage as well.

IoT Parking Solutions

Every society management system is now equipped with new-age IoT-enabled parking management solutions to manage parking slots effectively as well as provide residents with a convenient no-nonsense experience. The need for controlling parking spots digitally is due to the high number of apartment vehicles as well as commercial leverage.

• An IoT-enabled parking management solution can be integrated with other existing solutions, such as an ANPR software or display system.

• ANPR software can be integrated with boom barriers so that parking lot guards can seamlessly manage entry/exit points and ensure dispute-free parking.

• Installing an IoT-based system also means its IR sensors can help you check the availability, traffic, or distance of parking slots in a smartphone or in any other portable device with a click anytime.

Next-Gen Visitor Management

While modern gate management is automated for seamless entry/exit of all visitors, how about you can actually stream their live video or hear audio on your smartphone while entering the gates or at your clubhouse, for that matter? Thus, today’s automated gate management system is gradually shifting towards smartphone-based keyless entry systems.

• Smart IoT-based doorbells can function as a normal video intercom system and stream audio and video of the entrant over the WiFi connection. Then, users can view live footage on their devices from their app itself.

• It paves the way beyond access-based systems as no constant monitoring is required in gyms, clubhouses, etc.

• This all-in-one ultra low-powered, battery-operated IoT doorbell can reduce resource costs due to direct door answering options.

• Mistaken or unrecorded/unguaranteed entries will be easily prevented due to its infrared sensors capturing live and raw footage.

Is the IoT Securing Society Management System?

In a post-pandemic world, security doesn’t only amplify gate or physical security, but the awareness of utility usage, viral protection, or even backend sustainability. Thus, IoT leverages safety & security controls for all assets & utilities in the community. For instance, intrusion or panic button features can alert authorities on the backend while an IP camera with image interpretation or smoke/fire detection sensors can real-time monitor the grave high-rise problems easily within the all-in-one society management system.

Author: Ms. Aashika Sripathi, Co-Founder & COO, ADDA

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