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IP surveillance as we all know is the future of surveillance thanks to the
enormous benefits it offers including cost effectiveness and ease of deployment,
expandability, and flexibility in use. Surveillance cameras can be connected
over the Internet to allow monitoring from anywhere in the world. With the
popularity of wireless cameras, IP surveillance can be extended to areas where
wiring is not possible or not cost effective. To implement an IP based
surveillance three things are required. One needs a network that can be wireless
or wired, cameras that will define quality of feed, and monitoring and recording
system that will store and analyze recorded footage. Few points that should be
kept in mind include security of footage while it is transferred from camera to
monitoring system and access to footage. This can be taken care of by using
encryption techniques and authentication. Hypertext Transfer Protocol over
Secure Socket Layers (HTTPS) and VPNs can be effective in securing data while it
is transferred.

Application areas
In this section, we will try to find out application areas of IP
surveillance. Application areas of this technique are diverse and include
scenarios where safety, security, monitoring and quality control is high on
priority. With the recent Mumbaiterror attacks, the importance of IP
surveillance has further increased and in a country like India, where law
enforcement bodies are under tremendous pressure due to huge population, IP
surveillance can increase their reach. Below are some areas where IP
surveillance can be effective.

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Counter terrorism
Live visuals from 26/11 attack came from CCTV cameras installed inside the
hotel. These feeds were helpful to security agencies involved in that operation.
This has again proven importance of surveillance to counter terrorism. One
important point here is that, IP surveillance can be used as a preventive
measure. Consider if IP cameras are installed in sensitive areas like busy
markets and train stations and intelligent analysis of videos is done at the
back end. Here an automated alarm is raised if there is any triggering pattern
difference. For example, in busy markets camera can raise alarm for bomb if an
object of a particular size and shape is found lying for too long. Now taking IP
surveillance to borders can control movement across borders. Instead of
patrolling, intelligent surveillance can be more effective especially at night
(with usage of thermal cameras).

Financial institutions
There is a clear guideline set by RBI for banks maintaining cash chests to
have IP surveillance and ATM machines fitted with cameras. These techniques
besides being effective in securing assets also help in enhancing confidence of
customers. Cameras can be of great help in preventing robberies, check frauds
and in crime investigation. Intelligent surveillance can be used to raise alarm
if a particular face is recognized that was involved in check fraud or other
safety breach. With advances in technology behavior recognizability is even

This illustrates
a typical IP surveillance system. Once all components are in place, footage
from cameras can be obtained using IP address of cameras.

There is a huge requirement of surveillance in this domain. IP based cameras
can be installed at traffic crossings helping traffic cops to penalize people
from jumping signals or over-speeding. One can fit cameras at sensitive
buildings restricting cars to tale gate while entering premises. Alarm can be
raised if the distance between two cars entering perimeters is too short. One
great example of this technique is automatic toll collection booths on national

surveillance makes it possible to thoroughly analyze feeds coming from
cameras and then generate events based on those feeds.
monitoring interface of an IP based surveillance system. Proper analysis of
feed is important for effectiveness of this technique.

Data centers
Real asset to an organization is information in the form of digital data
that lies in a data center. This sensitive data needs to be protected at any
cost, and IP based surveillance is fast being adopted in such data centers.
Intelligent surveillance can raise an alarm if more people than what’s been
specified enter a data center.

Besides the domains mentioned above, IP surveillance can be effective in
educational institutes and factories for maintaining quality control. Retail
shops can also be benefited from these techniques as they protect against theft
and other type of criminal activities.

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