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Recently I was speaking at an event for key IT decision makers in SMBs. I
talked about some ways in which you can monitor your brand and website online.
Specifically, I talked about and demonstrated some websites which let us track a
brand or a product, through popular social networking sites such as Twitter,
Facebook, Linkedin, Orkut and Google Blogs. I also demonstrated features in the
website, about which you can read more later in this

I asked the crowd to suggest me a product name so that I can track its brand
visibility for that day on social networking sites. Someone from the crowd
shouted his product’s name. I asked him whether he has any strategy for
leveraging social networking media or not, and whether his organization has
official channels in sites like Linkedin, Twitter, etc. He answered in the
negative. I told him, in that case it would be very difficult to get any score
at Still, I entered the name of his product in the site. To my
surprise, the website found 53 instances where his brand was talked about on
various social networking sites!

The person was literally shocked and that’s what the reaction of the rest of
the audience was. The point I am driving through is whether you use social
networking for your business or not, there is a very high possibility that your
business will have a mention on social networking sites. Getting feedback and
comments from across the globe, in real time, and also to get a mechanism to
respond to them is something which is very powerful and was never available

A couple of years back, when we decided to create a page for PCQuest at
Wikipedia, we found there already is an unofficial page created by someone (not
an employee of PCQuest) and has been updated by many others. The best part is,
the entire content was factually correct and made sense except some very minor
glitches which we finally corrected. Similarly when we went to Orkut to start a
PCQuest chapter, we found a couple of PCQuest fan clubs which are already there
and discussing our content and offerings.

So, today fact is, whether we like it or not, companies, brands, products,
and even people will be quoted and discussed across such social networking
sites. What we can and should do is to track our presence online regularly and
see if we can derive business benefits from it. This is indeed a potent weapon
to keep an eye on your customers and see what they are talking about across the

Anindya Roy
Associate Editor

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