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“We are certainly going to move most of the IT infrastructure and Data Management to the cloud. Cloud computing is going to prove to be the cost effective way to scale up and scale down instantly without high investment towards hardware and software licensing.”
– Swapnil Dharmadhikari, Founder, Splashgain Technology

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“We are primarily looking forward to investing in hosted infrastructure. Since our product is delivered in a multi-client ecosystem, and our challenge will be to scale up quickly as the need arises, having our infrastructure set up to meet that need will be essential. ”
– Anirban Majumdar, Co-founder,Loremo Solutions

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“Being a service provider (IVR/ACD/UC/VOIP) with offerings on the cloud our focus will be to help enterprises improve their TCO with flexibility to rejig their requirements based on business needs”
– K V Gopalakrishnan, CEO, Intelliverse Telecom

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“Desktops which are installed in office need to be used for tasks assigned, and accordingly we need to invest by going in for compliance based software or save cost by implementing open source options available!”
– Manoj Kotak — Director, Image Online Pvt. Ltd.

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“In 2013 We are planning to invest in Web presence and interact customers on web and delivery of products at customer’s place. We wish to reach more customers to know our facility and order placement on the web.”
– G.K. Deshpande, CEO, Geekay Print and Packaging

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“The need of data accessibility on-the-go could be satisfied only by a robust blend of Smartphone Apps, Cloud computing and faster data networks. Therefore it is vital for any emerging company to have a focused approach towards mobility”
– Amit Misra, CEO, Dazeinfo Inc.

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“BYOD is going to be another area we will be focusing. This will help our students and faculty members to use the university resources from their own devices than restricting them to the usage of university hardware devices”
– Mohan Kumar C.M., Sr.Manager-Systems, VIT University

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“Our main concern is about Enterprise Mobility.In the process of decision making we may have to give certain access to Enterprise related information and we are forming a group and they can only view the details but cannot load anything on to their mobile devices”
– H.S. Ramgopal, Functional ERP Implementer,
Ace Manufacturing Systems Ltd.

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“Engaging cloud services will do good for any SMB organization as it’ll eliminate IT capex & the cost incurred on maintaining the IT infrastructure, so they’ll have more time & energy to concentrate on their core business”
– Manoharan P, Director, Money Process Technologies

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