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This desktop PC from ITI is primarily for professional OEM telecom equipment manufacturers with telecom or other equipment of
ITI. The PC can be used to load various telecom software apps, and interface with different types of telecom equipment. This way, the machine can be used for managing different types of telecom equipment. For
eg, it can be used to run software that manages a CorDECT network. CorDECT is a WLL (Wireless in Local Loop) technology that’s meant to provide both voice and data access. This technology finds immense use in rural areas, where it is quite a hassle and expensive to lay copper cables across different villages. The model we got had a P4 2 GHz CPU with 256 MB
ECC-RAM (upgradable to 1.5 GB) and was based on Intel 845 chipset. While most of these are ordinary specs, a few differences have been added to make the system more suitable for its intended users. For one, it has ECC (Error Correcting Code) RAM, which is usually found in server class machines and not in ordinary desktops. This has better error correction capabilities than ordinary RAM. Plus, it comes with two serial ports, instead of one. These ports are required for use with OCB 283 digital electronic switching exchanges. Other specs for the machine include a 40 GB-7200 RPM hard drive, NVIDIA Riva TNT2 graphics card with 64 MB RAM, a combo
(DVD + CD-RW) drive. A tape drive is also provided for taking data backups. The machine ships with RedHat Linux 9.x. 

The Bottom Line: Overall, the advantage of this machine is not its hardware specs, but the fact that it’s given by a company that also provides telecom equipment. 

Anoop Mangla

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