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KIS 2011 has been launched in 2010 itself with lots of new features in it. The setup and configuration of the suite take less than 10 minutes which would make deployment over a large number of PCs feasible. After installation, which doesn’t require a reboot, a scan takes place which detects installed software and creates accessibility rules accordingly. A circular windows gadget shows the system status with the lower half changing colors from green, when the system is healthy, to yellow showing something wrong and red indicating a scenario demanding immediate attention. A file can even be dragged onto it for on the spot scanning. Surprisingly, even with the gadget installed the system footprint was light using very less memory when idle. The main menu has all features arranged

systematically, so users won’t be scrambling to search for a feature to toggle. The new UI might seem dull but is actually better from the flashy icon laden UI present in the previous iteration. Safe Run is a new feature which helps in surfing the Internet in a ‘safebox’, so the PC is safe from intrusions or data thefts. A green border on links indicates that it is being run within the Safe Run mode. This would be ideal when online transactions or sensitive tasks have to be performed adding a necessary layer of security to them. A virtual keyboard operable by the mouse furthers this by ensuring no keylogger can save any such information. Proactive Defense is another new feature which ensures protection against new threats not yet available in the KIS database and any suspicious activity will be blocked. The antispyware does a good job of blocking popups and disabling links to many spyware sites. The antivirus scanner does not slow down any file transfers or processes and detects almost all
infected files. However, it faced trouble in cleaning the more stubborn ones. It took almost 6 hours to scan through 500 GB of mixed data. Any USB drive or DVD inserted can be scanned before use with a popup advising the user to scan for viruses. The firewall is fully configurable and the network monitor shows details of each program accessing the Internet with a graph indicating incoming and outgoing traffic. Specific ports and various data types can also be filtered. There is also a special protection for Wi-Fi connections. Feature Reports detail all actions taking place during a particular event. While there aren’t many PC maintenance utilities, what is offered is a system restore which restores system state before a particular virus/malware/spyware attack occurs and a vulnerability scanner which checks for any vulnerabilities in the system. The privacy cleaner helps wipe off recent commands and accessed files including any recent user activity. Unlike Norton 360, there isn’t any online storage available and a real time file backup system is also missing. Parental controls can be used to restrict websites, log system activities and could be modified for use by employees. Kasper sky Security Suite is one of the best security suites available today which just needs to further improve the antivirus removal process and include more system maintenance utilities.

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