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Many mobile phone users today save their important information like passwords, messages, mails on the phone itself. What if somebody steals your mobile or your mobile gets infected with a virus or malware? You will loose all your information.


To avoid such situations, you need a security software on your phone which can let you lock your mobile remotely and also locate it. Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 (KMS) is one such application. It's very easy to use and install.

We installed the KMS on Android. After installing it, we assigned a password or a code to access this application. Its features include anti-virus, privacy protection, anti-theft, call and SMS filter. It is available for Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Android, but the features vary across various OSes. In Blackberry, features that are available are anti-theft and anti-spam protection. While data encryption, parental control and firewall are absent in Android.


Rs 599

Meant for: Smartphone users

Key Specs:Call and SMS filter

Pros: Hide your contacts, text; block your mobile with just one message

Cons: No back up and restore option

Contact:Kaspersky Asia
Mobile: 9966492000

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The anti-virus works as usual - it scans your system for viruses, and whenever you install any application, it scans the same automatically for viruses. You do not have to worry about scanning if you receive a call, it will continue to scan in the background. You can update the anti-virus definition manually or you can also schedule the update. You can update it over EDGE, 3G or Wi-Fi. Privacy protection lets you choose what others can see on your mobile. You can hide your contacts list, messages and calls and while accessing your mobile, no one will come to know that you are in privacy mode. But it lacks a backup and restore option, which is available in McAfee WaveSecure (reviewed in May, 2011).


In case of theft, you can lock your mobile remotely by sending an SMS to your mobile number (which is inside the stolen handset) along with the KMS 9 password and it will be blocked, no matter if someone changes the SIM. You can also wipe your data and find the location of your mobile using GPS Find and Google Maps. You can send this SMS: Find: where code is the secret code of the device in which KMS is installed. You will get the cordinates through SMS, in terms of latitude and longitude and then you can search your device using the coordinates. You can also block your device remotely by sending this SMS: Block: and then your device will be blocked. Under the call and SMS filter option, you can black list the mobile number and you won't get any call or message from these numbers.

Bottomline: KMS is a fairly good application for mobile phone which includes neccesary security features like anti-virus, SMS block, wipe data and GPS find.