Kaspersky Operating System is Now Available Commercially

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Kaspersky OS is a specialized operating system designed for embedded systems with strict cyber security requirements. By design, Kaspersky OS significantly reduces the chances of undocumented functionality and thus mitigates the risk of cyber attacks. A massive undertaking that has taken Kaspersky Lab’s best talent 15 years to create, Kaspersky OS is now commercially available to OEMs, ODMs, systems integrators and software developers around the world. Key implementations of the operating system are tailored for the telecoms and automotive industries as well as critical infrastructure.
Kaspersky OS introduces a secure-by-design environment for the ever-growing and increasingly attacked embedded systems and IoT devices. In a modern connected world where rich IoT devices are being used by consumers, utilized in critical infrastructure, control many aspects of our everyday life, the demand for strong security approach is higher than ever.

Based on a new, developed entirely in-house microkernel, it utilizes well-established principles of security-driven development such as Separation Kernel, Reference Monitor, Multiple Independent Levels of Security and the Flux Advanced Security Kernel architecture. KasperskyOS was designed with specific industries in mind and thus not only solves security issues, but also addresses organizational and business challenges related to secure application development for embedded systems.

Kaspersky OS offers maximum security, although its requirements bring an extra challenge to a customer’s development process. It can be used as base on which to build devices like network routers, IP cameras or IoT controllers. It addresses the needs of the telecom industry, critical infrastructure applications and the emerging development of the Internet of Things.
Kaspersky OS is available for OEMs, ODMs, systems integrators and software developers around the world. Successful projects have already been conducted with Russia’s system integrator Kraftway (secure network router), SYSGO (strengthened security for PikeOS real-time operating system with Kaspersky Security System) and European systems integrator BE.services (embedding Kaspersky OS technology in specialized Programmable Logic Controllers).

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