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It has some great new features compared to KDE 3.0, which is the default one that ships with PCQLinux 8.0. 

The Key Highlights
One of the new things in KDE 3.1.1 is that it has a nice Download Manager added this time, called KGET. KGET has joined the kdenetwork package and work as GetRight and

The new look of KDE 3.1.1

Now KDE 3.1.1 has a nice Palm Integration with Kpilot, which provides some new conduits for AvantGo (A famous web browser for PDSs) and KAddressBook etc.

Another good feature in KDE 3.1.1 is its tabbed browsing support. Many fans of tabbed browsing will be very happy finding this latest enhancement to the KDE web browser

KDE 3.1.1 has also added two new games. One is Golf, which can be run using the Kolf command and resembles a nice golf game and the other is Atlantik, which is inspired by the board game of monopoly and runs over the network. Finally, there is the Desktop Sharing support, which was discussed in detail in the last issue of

Installing KDE 3.1.1
First copy all the RPM files from the KDE-3.1.1 directory in the PCQXtream CD to a new folder in your machine’s home directory. The list files should contain 36 different rpm files. Now install the qt components first by issuing the following command in the terminal:

#rpm —Uvh qt-*.rpm —force —nodeps

There is good news for fans of tabbed browsing as the new KDE has added this enhancements to its web browser Konqueror.

This command will upgrade the previous qt packages without thinking about the dependency issues.

Next install the art components using this command:

#rpm —Uvh arts-*.rpm —force —nodeps
Now one by one install the other components using the same command, like this:

#rpm —Uvh quanta-*.rpm —force —nodeps
#rpm —Uvh kde-*.rpm —force —nodeps

Restart your Xserver and it should do the job. You will find KDE 3.1.1 running on your machine.

Anindya Roy

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