Key strategies to deal with Black Swan crises #Infosys

Sunil Rajguru
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In a freewheeling interview, Rafee Tarafdar, SVP & Chief Technology Officer of Strategic Technology Group at Infosys, talks in detail about a multitude of issues like the new remote work paradigm, the importance of the Poly Cloud, democratisation of AI and micro-macro trends for the current decade.


Rafee elaborated four key strategies that are relevant in dealing with Black Swan crises like Covid: Resilience, increased focus on cloud acceleration, modernization and the shift toward an anytime anywhere operating model. He added that Infosys was working with their clients in each of these four areas.

Speaking about their Live Enterprise initiative, Rafee said, “Almost three years back we had started thinking about a lot of these things and what happened in Covid is whatever we did was tested at scale. A lot of infrastructure that we had put together, a lot of work we did as part of Live Enterprise, essentially helped us scale and adapt to the change that happened.”

Rafee also explained in detail the trends that will be relevant for this decade: AI will move into enterprise space; Every enterprise will operate across multiple clouds; It will be about natural and adaptive experiences; A lot of work will be done on creating a connected data ecosystem; APIs will be made available to create a developer ecosystem; Security and privacy will be brought in everything we do; Citizen developers will become a lot more dominant thanks to low code platforms; Cybersecurity will become mainstream; Operational resilience will be achieved through platforms.

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