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“The law,” said Mr Bumble, “is an ass, an idiot.” Being a figment of the imagination (in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist), he could afford to make such statements. But even Mr Bumble could not get away from the rule of the law. Needless to say, we lesser mortals would be harder pressed to live and conduct our business outside the ambit of the law of the land. Yet, the application of these very same laws to IT has been a large gray area, with hardly any precedence or codified law to go by.

  • Internet Advertising and the Law
    As an advertiser on the Internet, what liabilities must you know of

  • Where do you Sue?
    Suppose from Delhi you make an on-line purchase from a website owned by a Chinese company, but hosted in the US. You use your credit card issued by a bank in London. Now, if you run into a dispute regarding the product you purchased, against whom should you pursue your remedies and where?

  • Handling Domain-name Squatters
    You want to register a website with your company’s name, but somebody anticipates its brand value and registers it for himself. What can you do?

  • Steps to setting up your company
    What you should know if you’re planning to set up a software project or call center in India

  • Patent your Inventions
    Have you invented a device or process that you want to protect?
    Here we answer questions that you may have if you’re thinking of filing for a patent

  • How to Copyright your Software
    If you’ve created software it’s best to protect it by

  • India’s Cyber Laws
    The Information Technology Act, 2000–as yet our lone piece of cyber
    legislation is a step towards recognizing electronic transactions

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