All the Latest Updates that Google Chrome 76 will carry

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Google Chrome’s latest version Chrome 76 is set to release on 30 July. This latest version will bring features and updates that are aimed to enhance the user experience and to increase transparency between the browser and the users. How-To Geek did a detailed post about all the changes that Chrome 76 will bring to the web.

Changes and updates that will come along with Chrome 76.

– Chrome has disabled Flash by default for all the websites. Users can still enable flash but it will only be available in click-to-play mode. Also, Google Chrome will not support flash after December 2020.

-Websites will not be able to detect Incognito mode. Earlier websites could detect if someone is in incognito mode by FileSystem API request. This will be blocked from now on.

Paul Irish's tweet screenshot about chrome 76

Paul Irish on Twitter

-Escape Key will work the way it is supposed to work. Users can use the Escape key to stop a website from loading and they will be able to close full-screen videos and dialog boxes.

-Now you can see how Google extensions are working and how they collect your data. As of now, this feature is hidden. Once it is enabled then you can check the activity log of any extension.

– This latest Chrome update will allow websites to detect whether the user is using a dark mode or a light mode and will allow the websites to switch to a similar theme as of the user.

– As of now, it was difficult to install Progressive Web Apps (PWA) but with Chrome 76 this won’t be the case. If a website supports PWA then it will automatically show an install sign to the user. PWAs are a type of application that turns a website into an app like platform by adapting itself into native features of mobile devices.

– Chrome 76 will solve the problem of GPU acceleration for Chromebooks. This will ensure smooth functioning of Linux apps and will enhance the gaming experience on Intel Chromebooks.

-Now you can remove notifications without scrolling. Chrome 76 will move the ‘Clear All’ button at the top of the notification list so that you don’t have to scroll further.

Chrome 76 will also feature other updates and developments but these features are more suited to developers and carry functions that will not cater to regular users.

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