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It’s not just enterprises that prefer LCD monitors over CRTs. Even ordinary
consumers are opting for the same with their home PCs, thanks to the sharp
decline in LCD monitors prices.
Plus of course they hvae other advantages like lower power consumption, lower
foot print, and more comfortable for eyes.

Usually, the battle for supremacy in this segment has always been between
Samsung and LG, and this year is no different. There’s stiff competition between
the two, but the more future ready brand appears to be LG this time. Samsung
follows close on its heels.

On the brand persuasion front, its IBM LCD monitors that are the most
persuasive, with more users likely to purchase them than those who have it on
top of their minds. LG and Samsung are at the bottom of the brand persuasion
relative index, which is understandable given that their existing user base is
far beyond all other players. In fact, the two brands alone received more
current ownership votes than all others combined.

In brand pull, Sony had the highest score, followed by Dell. In brand
loyalty, Dell was on top, with 40% of its existing users likely to purchase Dell
monitors in the next 3 months as well. What this obviously means is that other
players need to watch out because they have less than 40% of their existing
users loyal to their brands.

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