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How is different from other services that offer free learning on the Internet for children?

Free learning videos, free worksheets and other traditional content provide the same material in the same order to every student. The responsibility for ensuring students learn and imbibe what’s taught is missing. Rote learning only works up to a point. ClassTopper dynamically matches lessons and practice problems to each student’s ideal learning arc. It remixes material to match each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and unique learning style. Taking into account both personal proficiencies and course requirements, ClassTopper continuously tailors learning materials to each student’s exact needs, delivering the most relevant content in the most efficient and effective form.

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Free sites do not give immediate feedback, analytical reports or indeed any form of tracking. As students progress through their ClassTopper, they are given rewards for effort and improvement. And for parents there’s plenty of information and data so that parents can easily monitor their child’s progress.

What all technologies did you deploy to enable this cloud learning a reality?

ClassTopper’s Semantic Web technology identifies each student’s strengths, weaknesses and unique learning style. The technology is similar to what Google and Netflix and other web apps are using, where they measure activity that user is doing and bringing back the data based upon actions that you’ve taken. Not only do we data mine all the activities of the student, but we also begin to understand some of the tendencies you have and compare you to cohorts that we have using the system.

Another interesting aspect of our system is that it incorporates video game-like features including badges and leveling-up, along with other game metrics. ClassTopper Analytics helps improve student performance. There are over 30 reports with detailed charts, graphs, tables and summary statistics allow you to track your development over time and across all skills.

What different modules of learning do you offer for children?

ClassTopper is a pure Math program for children aged between 4 and 10 years old. There are over 1000 different skills with a system for testing and placement at an appropriate skill level, and practice solving an infinite number of randomly generated problems. All presented in a fun and engaging manner. Developed by leading educational experts, is aligned to national maths curricula across the world, including NCERT, CBSE and state boards.

How have the responses from students and parents been so far? Are Indian kids smart enough and parents conscious enough to get used to this trend of online learning?

In fact, students have taken to technology like ducks to water. In less than four weeks, ClassTopper has over 11,000 subscriptions in India. Parents are receptive to the idea because it is simple to use, affordable and delivers results. This compatibility between the students’ receptive minds and the limitless possibilities of digital technology has led to paradigm shifts in the K-12 education system globally. Where parents were once befuddled by fast technological transformations sweeping the globe, children welcomed these swift changes.

What trends do you see in e-learning in Indian context?

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, rote learning without comprehension won’t take students far. For example, rote learning only works with standard questions. Re-frame the same questions from another angle and students schooled in rote learning cannot comprehend them and respond appropriately. Instead of rote methods used in traditional teaching, schools should use modern means such as introducing interactivity and personalization in education. In this regard, ClassTopper is a proven solutions. E-learning uses modern gadgets such as computers and tablet PCs -something today’s generation is most comfortable with. Once considered just a ‘job’ by teachers and ‘dull and dreary’ by students, interactive learning has now become an enriching experience. Once digital learning is accepted by most schools across the country, India will no longer lag in student assessment programs but instead lead from the front. Considering India’s rich cultural heritage and millennia-old teaching traditions, this would be its rightful place amongst the global comity of nations.

What’s the pricing model?

At ClassTopper, we believe that quality math education should be affordable to every family. With that fundamental goal, we have a simple and flexible subscription plan. ClassTopper is available on monthly subscription of Rs 480 payable quarterly. is seriously affordable, it costs less than a cup of coffee a day! And you can sign-up for free, with no obligation One month free trial.

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